About Us

Freaking News, the TV Series, Movies and Video Games Podcast

Freaking News is the TV Series, Movies, and Video Games Podcast that we don’t know if our backers will fund. Written, directed, and performed by Andrea Baiocco, Matteo Regoli, and Matteo Silvestri aka Bobo. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Spotify

Matteo Regoli

He criticizes movies, then apologizes to them. He writes about movies, is constantly occupied with them, and is convinced that on the screen, it is the images that really count. He carries on Fatti di Cinema, his personal blog, and the Freaking News portal, also as a podcast on Spotify. Leisurely directs the Cinema News section of Everyeye.it.

Andrea Baiocco

I love beer, running, and video games. I dream of an IPA with Kratos in a Pub and an excursion with Nathan Drake. I write about video games on LaScimmiaPensa and on Everyeye.

Matteo Silvestri aka Bobo

His IT career is narrowing him down and he seeks new stimulation as a video game content creator, aspiring singer, and musical performer, failing miserably. He recycles himself as a podcast host, where he talks about topics he doesn’t know a damn thing about.