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Ahsoka Review: the Star Wars TV Shows that couldn’t be any more Star Wars

We watched the first episodes of Asoka, the new Star Wars TV series created by Dave Filoni for Disney+: our review.

That Ahsoka, the new Disney+ TV Shows created by Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau for Lucasfilm and the so-called ‘MandoVerse‘ of the on-demand streaming platform, both the most grounded TV chapter in the Star Wars mythology and the absolute most Georgelucasian saga title seen in several years, is clear from the first seconds.

Not only thanks to the classic and legendary Star Wars opening sequence, the vertically scrolling textual introduction first introduced in Star Wars: A New Hope and which returns here to give fans both a good dose of nostalgia and a precise time setting for the story that will be told, but above all for the atmosphere in the early scenes, between Jedi (or presumed to be) arriving on board flagships (such as the George Lucas’s The Phantom Menacebut with a thematic reversal that we will not reveal), and the secret bases full of hard-working soldiers, and the endless blue holograms, and the Masters and Apprentices and may the Force be with youand then again – above all – that almost fetishistic focus on the objects that make Star Wars what it isthe lightsabers of the Jedi.

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Ahsoka: this is the way

We are far away from the antithetical atmospheres to Star Wars introduced by the beautiful Andor (which, in fact, at the behest of creator Tony Gilroy did not seem to belong to George Lucas’ fictional universe: the torrential rain, the nightclub of soft lights, the uncomfortable questions, the delineation of an anti-hero never so much anti as hero in the eyes of fans of a saga that has always and classically been built on the sharp demarcation between good and evil, the series seemed to want to catapult us more in the neon-noir Los Angeles of Blade Runner than in the galaxy far, far away of the Jedi and Darth Vader, with its raw matrix, its realistic and dirty look, its 2.39:1 ratio and its spy-thriller atmospheres) and much more oriented instead, as one might expect, towards the George Lucas of the Star Wars animated serieswhich, moreover, represented a fundamental chapter in the evolutionary arc of Ahsoka Tano and many of the characters that fans will (re)encounter in the episodes of the series.

Born as a spin-off of The Mandalorianthe series immediately manages to carve out a well-defined space in the vast new Star Wars offering on Disney+, and after a The Mandalorian 3 less successful than the first two resounding seasons and in view of the next films in the saga – one of which will be directed by Filoni himself and will conclude, in a sort of crossover, both Ahsoka’s story and that of the Mandalorian and little Grogu – in general we can identify Ahsoka as the ultimate product from the mistakes of the Obi-Wan Kenobi experiment.

This is the way and may the force be with you

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