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Alone in the Dark Platinum Guide

Alone in the Dark – Platinum Guide and Tips for Getting Started

Our guide with the list of all trophies to get the Platinum of Alone in the Dark and some tricks and tips to start the game

As of March 20, 2024, Alone in the Dark is available for purchase (if you missed it, here is the review of Alone in The Dark), the new survival horror developed by Pieces Interactive revisiting the first video game in the series released in 1992: I liked the production and not a little and therefore, I thought to write this detailed guide in which you will find both the list with all 38 game trophies if you are interested in unlocking the Platinum, as well as some tricks and tips to get you off to the best start.

Alone in the Dark: the list with trophies for Platinum

Below is the list containing all 38 Alone in the Dark trophies needed to achieve Platinum or the 1,000G if you are on Xbox. To unlock them all, you will need to complete at least two runs, one with Emily Hartwood (Jodie Comer, The Last Duel) and the other with Edward Carnby (David Arbour, Stranger Things).

  • Welcome to Derceto: break into Derceto
  • At any cost: eliminate a monster with an opportunity
  • Now we’re talking: eliminate a monster with a ranged weapon
  • Bring it on: eliminate a monster with a melee weapon
  • Bonfire night: eliminate an enemy with fire
  • From door to door: find your talisman
  • On the mend: reassemble a talisman housing
  • The thin veneer of civilization: breaking through a barrier
  • I don’t have all night: finish the game in less than three hours
  • An honest day’s work: play for more than eight hours
  • Big responsibilities: find Jeremy’s bag
  • Why not?: complete a set of collectibles
  • Be careful where you point your weapon: point a weapon at a human being
  • Iron in hand: eliminate an enemy with a rifle
  • What just happened?: give Grace a gift
  • No one knows what happened: consider ending it
  • Radical acceptance: submit to the Dark Man
  • One of a thousand young people: join a cult
  • You can’t keep me out: open all the safes and locks in the game
  • Chatterbox: talk to everyone about everything
  • Look at all the free things I have: find all the Lagniappe
  • Time wasters refrain: complete the game without ever drinking from the flask
  • Librarian: read all the clues
  • Seekers finders: talk to Jeremy in the chapel
  • Far away: find the convent of Taroella
  • Destination New Orleans: escape from the Dark Man
  • Gangster: eliminate an enemy with machine gun
  • Out of mind: walk in the desert
  • Home sweet home: back to Derceto
  • I abandoned him: admit your terrible past (Emily)
  • I took the child and let her drown: admit your terrible past (Edward)
  • Pejorative therapy: breaking through the barriers of self-deception
  • The present of the past: get what you want
  • Frenzy: to hell
  • Back to normal: break the deal with the Dark Man
  • Safe and sound: save New Orleans from the Black Goat (Emily)
  • Case closed: save New Orleans from the Black Goat (Edward)

Once you have completed all the objectives you will also have finally unlocked the Platinum Trophy named Alone in the Dark: “you have done the impossible to get all the Trophies. ” Congratulations!

Alone in the Dark: tricks and tips

If trophies aren’t enough, then here are some basic tips and tricks for getting started with Alone in The Dark: Emily Hartwood and private investigator Edward Carnby travel to Derceto Manor, a retirement home for the mentally ill, to find the protagonist’s uncle, Jeremy Hartwood, who has mysteriously disappeared. Upon arriving at the site, they soon realize that something evil lurks within the building, an entity capable of affecting all the tenants of Derceto Manor.

Complete at least two runs

Alone in the Dark gives us the opportunity to choose the character with whom we start the adventure. Whether it is Emily or Edward, the advice is to complete at least two runs: in this way, we will have a complete view of the story written by Mikael Hedberg as well as the opportunity to visit places unique to each individual storyline of the two protagonists.

Alone in the Dark Emily & Edward

Carefully manage your ammunition

As I also wrote in the review, Alone in the Dark is a pure survival horror that features the number one rule of its genre: little ammunition available. Therefore, you should not think that you are playing Resident Evil 4 Remake: shoot only when strictly necessary, alternating your fire mouths (pistol, submachine gun and shotgun) with the blunt objects you will find scattered in the different locations that serve as the backdrop to the events.

Alone In The Dark Cheats

Always check the map

The map is your best friend: it will, in fact, show you the areas of Derceto Manor that have yet to be explored all the way through (colored pink) and those that have been inspected in their entirety. It will also report the puzzles that you can solve and those that, on the contrary, you are not yet able to complete because you are missing a key object. In short, if you feel lost in Derceto Manor, you will always have the map at hand ready to come to your rescue.

Always explore each area

We have come to the last tip of this guide: as you explore the levels, in addition to health refills, ammunition and clues useful for solving the game’s many puzzles, you will also find special items, the Lagniappe Whom, without making spoilers, will prove to be very important for the endings of Alone in the Dark..

Alone in the Dark Tips

Three Lagniappe will make up a set that, when completed, will allow the revelation of forbidden knowledge: some of these sets cannot be completed without playing the campaign at least twice, either with Edward or Emily.

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