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Baldur's Gate 3 Trophies List

Baldur’s Gate 3 Guide: the Trophies List to Get Platinum

Our guide with all the bronze, silver and gold trophies to get Platinum for Baldur's Gate 3, the latest effort from Larian Studios

Baldur’s Gate 3 was one of the successes, if not the Success with a capital S of the last video game year and therefore, after analyzing in detail all the classes in the game (here’s our Baldur’s Gate 3’s Guide to the Best Classes), it’s time to go through the complete list of 54 Trophies required to obtain the coveted Platinum.

Before proceeding with the list a small note: if you have recently started the long campaign of the title developed by Larian Studios and are still struggling with Act 1, then don’t miss these tips and tricks to get off to the best start with Baldur’s Gate 3.

Baldur’s Gate 3: the list with trophies for Platinum

Below, the complete list of all Baldur’s Gate 3 trophies divided by Bronze (47), Silver (4) e Gold (2) if you are interested in unlock the Platinum or the 1.000G in case you are an Xbox player: some of these will be obtained simply by continuing in the story and getting the different endings; for the others, however, it will be necessary to untangle the numerous side activities available. Good hunting!!!

Bronze Trophies

  • Descent from the Avernus: you took control of the Nautiloid, escaping the Underworld
  • The Situation Complicates: you left Act I behind for a decidedly darker place
  • Role player: you have completed 10 backgrounds objectives. You are one with your character
  • The city awaits: you have left Act II behind. Baldur’s Gate is just over the horizon
  • Bedding and Breakfast: you have taken 4 long rests. Adventurer’s work is tiring
  • Expand Your Mind: You have consumed a parasite and unlocked a new power. Is it normal for him to go so far down?
  • Dig for Victory: you uncovered 5 buried chests in a single game
  • No Coins Needed: you have used Detecting Thoughts successfully to sneak into someone’s thoughts
  • Escape artist: you escaped from prison after your arrest
  • Outsourcing: you have recruited a wingman. You can make friends or use him as cannon fodder
  • Handyman: multiclass for all classes in a single match
  • You have Two Hands for a Reason: You petted Scratch and the baby bear together
  • Rough, Vulgar and with a Beautiful Character: you found and evoked the quasit Pala
  • Amateur Alchemist: you created 3 unique alchemical solutions in a single game
  • Forged in Blood and Fire: you have made an object in the Forge of Adamantium
  • Under Key: You freed all prisoners from the depths of the Lunar Dawn Towers in a single game
  • There’s No Cage That Holds!: you have free Sazza from Emerald Grove, Goblin Camp and Lunar Dawn Towers in one game
  • Demanding Blood: You stole Lathander’s Blood from underneath the Rosy Dawn Monastery.
  • Murder in Baldur‘s Gate: You covered the streets of Baldur’s Gate with blood. Join the ranks of the Nephandi Assassins of Bhaal
  • Unsettling Mind: you courted the emperor.
  • No One Remains Behind: you have saved as many tiefling refugees as you can in a single game
  • Two Pigeons with a Gnome: You used one enemy as an improvised weapon against another opponent
  • Impetuous Action: you performed 5 attacks in one turn
  • Street Musician: you have earned 100 gold coins by playing sweet music in a single game
  • Beating: you killed a character with a weaponless shot
  • Disinfestation: you killed the matriarch of spiders before her eggs hatched
  • The Devil Is in the Details: you defeated Commander Zhalk on the nautiloid
  • Non-invasive procedure: you killed the surgeon without letting him use his surgical skills in combat
  • A Grave Destiny: you killed the Adamantium Golem without using the forge hammer
  • Lighthearted Step: you defeated Gortash without setting off a single trap
  • Miserliness: you defeated the Exactress without her using her gold against you
  • No Meals on Wheels: you defeated the Myrkul Apostle without letting him consume a necromite
  • First Blood: you have killed Orin before his cultists have completed the ritual
  • Forced Landing: in the Way of the Dragon, you waited until the dragon was in mid-air to knock it down
  • Interfectorem Draconis: you killed the red dragon in the Upper Town
  • Shove off!: you killed a creature by inflicting fall damage on it.
  • Library Mouse: you read 100 different books in a single game
  • Tavern brawls: you defeated 20 opponents with a drunk group member in a single game
  • Goal Fetch: You played fetch with Scratch, the best little dog in the Realms
  • Patching the Plot: You’ve stabilized Gale’s netherland globe.
  • Wrath of the Queen-Lich: you allied yourself with Voss against the githyanki queen.
  • Bloomed in the Darkest Nights: you gave Cuorescuro a night orchid, his favorite flower
  • Just a Morsino: you allowed Astarion to bite you.
  • Escape: you broke Wyll’s pact with Mizora.
  • Caliente Date: You went on a date with Karlach.
  • Embrace the Pulsion: you became Bhaal’s supreme weapon and became his Executioner

Silver Trophies

  • Absolute Power Corrupts: you have dominated the Netheran brain, bent the world to your will and reigned in terror
  • Hero of the Forgotten Realms: you killed the Netheran brain, destroyed the tadpoles of the Absolute and solved the situation
  • The Father’s Sins: you ruled the Netheran brain for Bhaal, broke the world and claimed the throne of blood
  • Ceremorphosis: you have become a mindflayer, defeated the Netheran brain and made the ultimate sacrifice

Gold Trophies

  • All’s Well That Ends Well: you have completed the game
  • Critical Strike: you completed the game with the most difficult DM style

Once you have completed all the objectives, you will also have finally unlocked the Platinum Trophy named Pride of Baldur’s Gate: “you have collected all the trophies of Baldur’s Gate 3. This is no small feat“. And I add: congratulations!!!

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