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Best Roguelike Games Playstation Plus

Playstation 5: Best Roguelike Games Available on PS Plus Extra

From Returnal to Inscryption: the best roguelike games available on Playstation 5 for PS Plus Extra and Premium subscribers

After reviewing the best shooter games in the PS Plus Extra and Premium catalog, it is the turn of Playstation 5 titles belonging to the Roguelike and Roguelite genres, available for download to subscribers. To be honest, it’s not like there’s that much choice in the library (sorry for Deathloop‘s exit from the catalog).

Nonetheless, after a thorough search, I found some names of some importance, indispensable for lovers of the die and start over from the beginning – all-Italian translation of “roguelike” thought on the spot – which are worth pointing out, starting, of course, with Returnal, as well as smaller productions, such as Fury Unleashed, still worthy of a mention.


We’ve already talked about Returnal extensively, even in our list of the best games available on Playstation Plus Extra and Premium: the Housemarque-developed roguelike is as good as it gets on Playstation 5. A fast-paced, frenetic third-person shooter that is undoubtedly difficult, but the rewards, both playful and otherwise that you’ll get every time you overcome a biome, will be worth the candle.

Best Roguelike Games Playstation Plus Extra 1

In this regard, in fact, the cycle of death and rebirth that characterizes Returnal is a fundamental part of the gameplay and the only way to discover the story of the protagonist, astronaut Selene Vassos: with each game over, you will reveal important pieces of a narrative mosaic that has been curated in every detail. Embrace death to get to the truth.

Dead Cells

Let’s keep on with the big names of some weight. Dead Cells, developed by French studio Motion Twin and landed the market in 2018 (also winning the Best Action at The Game Awards), combines two genres, roguelike and metroidvania (some areas of the map, in fact, will not be accessible at first); it is gorgeous to look at thanks to its well-kept pixel art and, like any game in the roguelike genre, is marked by a high level of difficulty.

Dead Cells Playstation Plus

The content of Dead Cells has been consistently enriched over time through the release of several DLCs. Among them, we highlight the expansion called “Return To Castlevania“: the additional content, particularly appreciated by critics and audiences, introduces the unforgettable characters and gothic settings of Castlevania into the production.


Inscryption, developed by Daniel Mullins Games and published by Devolver Digital on PC in 2021 and later in 2022 on Playstation 4 and 5 and Nintendo Switch (on Xbox it arrived, however, in 2023), is a roguelike deckbuilding with a rather fascinating storyline.

Inscryption Playstation Plus

The title, in fact, takes place inside a hut in which a shady figure has imprisoned us: as players, we will be called upon to face at cards – each of them will have unique attack and vitality values – our opponent through a campaign divided into three different acts which, however, maintain, for better or worse, the same gameplay mechanics.

Fury Unleashed

Fury Unleashed (Awesome Games Studio), a two-dimensional shooter that can also be tackled in co-op, is a very special work because it possesses two strongly distinctive elements. The first is the fact that the entire campaign is set within a comic and each vignette corresponds to a room to be faced.

Fury Unleashed

The second point to consider, is related to the gameplay of Fury Unleashed and concerns its combo system, whose counter increases as the number of kills increases, resulting in a progressive rise in health and power in the protagonist. The most difficult challenge? Complete Fury Unleashed with a single, devastating combo.

Children of Morta

Landing on PC and Console in 2019, Children of Morta is an isometric hack and slash action RPG with roguelike elements (a mix, in short, of different genres) devised by Dead Mage studio, with well-known game mechanics that can be tackled either alone or in company.

If on the gameplay side, therefore, the production smacks of much that has already been seen, it is rrom the narrative point of view that Children of Morta surprises and convinces, thanks to the excellent writing that characterizes the domestic dynamics of the Bergson Family, guardian of Mount Morta, who will have to face an evil entity that is invading the world, known as the the Corruption.

Cursed to Golf

I am looking for a Golf roguelike for Playstation 5 available in the PS Plus Extra and Premium catalog. Does it exist? I know this is a rather strange request, but I would be so happy if there was such a game“. The answer is yes, and you will find it in Cursed To Golf, created by Chuhai Labs and published by Thunderful Publishing.

Cursed To Golf Roguelike

The player will find himself in the Purgatory of Golfers under the control of the evil Demon of the Green. In order to escape he will have to complete eighteen random holes or else he will lose the game. If you are looking for something different, Cursed to Golf may be the one for you.

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