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Best TV Shows 2023

The Best TV Shows of 2023 according to Freaking News

Let's relive 2023 through a selection of the best TV shows released in the past twelve months including new releases, new seasons and mini-series

Once again this year, the world of seriality proved to be a fundamental element of the contemporary audiovisual landscape and indispensable for the entertainment circuits. If the movie theater and the big screen are trying to regain their centrality in the lifecycle of putting images into the world, which was lost in the platform era and overtaken right during the closing years of the pandemic, on the contrary television and streaming have become the new focus of the general public and even, in the happiest cases, the outlets for an authorship that within the non-confines of streaming, of the ‘flow,’ feels as free as ever to experiment.

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And because the offer is truly vast and unparalleled, as usual for convenience and practicality we have divided the end-of-year top dedicated to the world of TV into several sections: a ranking for the best new seasons of series already running, one for the best mini-series, another for the best new series that debuted this year, and a final one for the best animated TV shows.

Here are the rankings of the best TV shows of 2023 according to Freaking News:

Best new seasons:

  1. Succession 4
  2. The Bear 2 (here is our review ofThe Bear 2)
  3. The Crown 6
  4. Fargo 3
  5. For All Mankind 4 (the review of For All Mankind 4 is one click away)

Best mini-series:

  1. Copenaghen Cowboy
  2. Mrs Davis
  3. Dead Ringers
  4. The Fall of the House of Usher (here’s the review of The Fall of the House of Usher)
  5. Beef

Best animated TV shows:

  1. Blue Eye Samurai (here’s the review of Blue Eye Samurai)
  2. Pluto
  3. Marvel What If: Season 2
  4. Invincible: Season 2
  5. This World Can’t Tear Me Down

Best new TV shows:

  1. The Last of Us
  2. The Diplomat
  3. Poker Face
  4. Silo
  5. Monarch: Legacy of Monsters

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