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Brothers A Tale of Two Sons Remake Review

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake Review: sharing emotions

Brothers A Tale of Two Sons returns polished thanks to Avantgarden Games' Remake: review of a great cooperative adventure

There are video games that, for one reason or another, will stay with me forever, that I will reminisce about even when, perhaps, I have given up gaming because I have become old and decrepit (I can find no other reason why I should do so). One of these is Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, a title developed in 2013 by Starbreeze Studios and directed by Josef Fares (the same director of the spiritual sequels to the production in question, A Way Out and It Takes Two, among the Best Co-Op Games available on Xbox Game Pass), which I was lucky enough to finish for the first time thanks to Italian studio Avantgarden GamesRemake.

Two siblings, Naia and Naiee, set off on a dangerous adventure in an attempt to find the lifeblood from a magical tree needed to save their father, who is unfortunately ill. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons will be fondly remembered because it was played entirely in co-op with my girlfriend: the Remake, in fact, can be played in both single player and local multiplayer. A major change from the 2013 IP, which, if desired, could always be completed in two but employing the same controller: one person used the left analog and left trigger to move one of the two brothers and interact with the environment while the other did the same with the right half.

Rather inconvenient don’t you think? Now, however, imagine splitting the controller in two. The concept remains the same: with the right side you use Naia and with the left side Naiee, the only difference being that now, having two pads, everything is more comfortable. Benefiting from this new setup is both the strictly playful side (which mixes environmental puzzles, guided exploration, and continuous cooperation to escape enemies, ride hang gliders, and a thousand other surprises that I don’t want to reveal) and the narrative of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.

Emotions Squared

When approached in company, in fact, the two brothers’ journey, lasting about three hours, takes on a significant sharing value, a rather rare quality in video games – to find it, always knock on Fares’ later works mentioned above – that embraces the work three hundred and sixty degrees. On the gameplay side, for example, the constant confrontation over how to solve a puzzle (the mastermind has almost always been my girlfriend) or the best way to climb a seemingly uninhabited tower makes every small success that brings us closer to the goal turn into shouts of joy and happiness.

Regarding the narrative, a single scene, like a Troll with a kind soul who decides to help us cross a ravine that is impossible for us to cross or an animal who, after being rescued, chooses to carry us through the air to the next destination, allows the genuine, almost fairy-tale-like emotions inherent in the title to be investees by both players. And that is precisely where the soul of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons lies: a story that strikes to the heart, that makes one cry, laugh and reflect, a journey of maturation that fortifies the brotherly bond and, at the same time, also unites inextricably those in front of the screen.

Brothers A Tale of Two Sons Remake Review.

When I try to explain to friends – it usually happens over a beer – what A Tale of Two Sons is, I will not focus on describing the excellent ingenuity of the environmental puzzles or the responsiveness of the controls in the jumping phases (for the record, always responsive). Rather, I will dwell on how we experienced the relationship between the two brothers, the tears shed at certain moments of their adventure, the friendly NPCs we met on our journey, and how, from time to time, we tried together to interpret what was happening around us.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons: an effective Remake

Unimpeachable. I could not otherwise define the technical work done by Avantgarden Games with this remake: Unreal Engine 5 pulls Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons up to speed improving, first and foremost, the facial expressions of the protagonists and other non-player characters, as well as the environments and to the landscapes that are now definitely a joy to behold (A day one patch is planned that will fix some, fly-by-night, bugs).

Brothers A Tale of Two Sons Remake

Then there is the soundtrack, recorded for the occasion by a live orchestra, which manages to further engage users in the most important moments of a narrative that really left me speechless. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is a must-have product if you love to play games together as well as the perfect starting point if you have not yet had a chance to start A Way Out or It Takes Two.

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