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Deliver Us Mars Review: faint memories from the red planet

Deliver Us Mars, KeokeN Interactive's adventure, must be experienced all in one breath, in pain, suffering and discovery: review

Deliver Us Mars, KeokeN Interactive’s adventure, must be experienced all in one breath, in pain, suffering and discovery: review

Mars is immense. It stretches before me for thousands and thousands of miles giving me a postcard photo every time I step on this dusty red soil, the same one that colored the fields of my country home when I was really happy and Earth was a wonderful world to live in. Getting there, however, was exhausting: an enthralling, wonderful space shuttle ride in which I took part, for the first time in my life, in all those phases leading up to the departure of a spaceship that I never thought I would experience firsthand.

When I went outside into open space because some debris had blocked the engine, I endangered my life by floating, carefree, in the void. I go back in time, remembering my mother who is no longer there, before I receive a call from my sister who wakes me up from this nostalgic dream: she intimates, worriedly, to return to the ship. Fortunately, she decided to accompany me on this crazy mission, and I hope with all my heart not to lose her-I have already had to give up too many people in my life. It is time to return. I turn my gaze downward one last time. to see the contours of Italy emerging from a canvas of deep, dark blue.

I wish you were here

Dear Dad, how I wish you were here with me. I think back to your suffering as you tried in vain to save our planet. I trust that sooner or later I will meet you again. I feel that you are here, I feel your presence, your love that is the only reason I am not yet giving in despite the fact that my knees are very close to breaking in two. I do not know what the future holds for me, and yet, inside me, I know that there must be a solution to save humanity.

My arms hurt: I climbed Mars one wall after another, with the risk of being swept away by a landslide that would cause me to fall, probably fatally. The surface of the cliff tried to resist me, but my ice axes were stronger. And so I climbed, climbing higher and higher, one inch at a time, requiring unprecedented physical effort from my body. I did not look down this time, unlike in space, fear could have eaten me alive.


I have reached the top. A sandstorm is approaching ominously, and my oxygen is running low. I do not know if I will be able to reach with my Rover that structure that stands several kilometers from my location. Perhaps my journey to land on the red planet was in vain, but by now, having reached this point, nothing makes sense. Anxiety chases me, making me paranoid.

I run to the truck, press the accelerator, jump a few dunes and reach, not without difficulty, the space base I had spotted. Will I be alone? Or will I find company? My crew is asking me to retrieve vital information for the assignment: in all likelihood, to proceed, I will have to solve for the umpteenth time that environmental conundrum I have already found several times during my exploration of these abandoned buildings, where the air smells of pain, tears and faded hope. I don’t know where I will arrive, maybe it doesn’t matter, my journey however has certainly not reached its conclusion.

Deliver Us Mars, the new adventure from KeokeN Interactive available starting Feb. 2 on Pc and Playstation and Xbox consoles. I hope I don’t try, between now and the end of the year, ten more great titles-I’m going to make it a point to include it in the best video games of 2023 (if you missed them, here are my top 10 video games of last year).

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