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Dragon's Dogma 2 Platinum Guide

Dragon’s Dogma 2 – Platinum Guide and Tips for Getting Started

Our guide with the list of all trophies to get Dragon's Dogma 2 Platinum and some tricks and tips to start the game

As of March 22, 2024, Dragon’s Dogma 2 is available for purchase, the new action-GDR developed by Capcom that we included among the Best Games Coming Out in March 2024: while waiting for the review to come in the next few days, I thought to write this detailed guide in which you will find both the list with all 55 game trophies if you are interested in unlocking the Platinum, and some tricks and tips to get you off to the best start.

Dragon’s Dogma 2: the list with trophies for Platinum

Below is the list containing all 55 Dragon’s Dogma 2 trophies divided by Bronze (46), Silver (6) and Gold (2) needed to achieve Platinum or the 1,000G if you are on Xbox: some objectives will unlock naturally as you progress through the campaign; others, however, will require you to complete specific in-game actions. Hang in there and you will see that you will succeed!

Bronze Trophies

  • A taste of freedom: you broke your chains and escaped from slavery
  • Arisen: you recovered the memories of when you obtained the title of Arisen
  • Substitute’s post: you have reached Vernworth
  • Across the border: you have crossed the gate at the border.
  • Dragon’s Dogma 2: you’ve seen for yourself the world without protection
  • Peace: you have become the Ruler of Vernworth
  • The magnificence of Talos: you have activated the colossus
  • Who takes the first watch?: you set up camp
  • The basis of the Arisen: you bought a home of your own
  • An extra gear: you climbed aboard a wagon
  • At a stone’s throw: you used a Transportation Stone
  • Inhuman resources: you taught your pawn a specialty
  • Fault, handmaiden of my lusts: you set a mission for your pawn
  • Human resources: you changed your class
  • Un racconto di frecce e di magia: hai cambiato la tua classe in arcier-mago
  • Master illusionist: you changed your class to illusionist
  • Twin fates: you changed your class to mystic knight
  • Choose a weapon, no matter which one: you changed your class to legendary hero
  • The specialist: you have reached the maximum rank of a class
  • The savior: you used a Dragon Heart to bring the dead back to life
  • Emblem of virtue: you have obtained a token sign
  • The Dragon Dogma: you have obtained the Dragon Dogma
  • But we’ve only just met!: you defeated the colossus in a short time
  • Cut off her head!: you decapitated a gorgon
  • The philanthropist: you got 50 people to become attached to you by increasing your affinity
  • The collector: you have collected 80 Seeker’s Stones
  • Amusements at Myrmecoleon: you have visited the Rose Castle
  • The forge: your equipment has been reforged by a dragon
  • Toward affinity and beyond!: you brought the affinity with a person to the maximum
  • This will cure your aches and pains: you took a bath at the spa
  • Winner’s treasure: you recovered your stuff from a jackal who had stolen it from you
  • The flying harpy: you attracted a harpy, clung to her and took flight
  • DIY bridge: you used a cyclops as a bridge
  • Synchronized resuscitation: you resuscitated at least two pawns at the same time
  • A gentleman’s night: you attended a masquerade ball at the palace wearing fancy clothes
  • The Grill Master: you grilled all kinds of meat both day and night
  • Job down: you brought a dead person back to life at a morgue or ossuary
  • Before the sun rises: you defeated the headless horseman
  • Tourist: you have visited 50 dungeons
  • Was the first round not enough for you?: rides a griffon for the second time
  • All aboard the ghost wagon: you got on the ghost wagon
  • Return to the island: you have returned to the volcanic island of Agamen
  • Don’t worry that there is something for everyone: you witnessed a fight among your admirers in your home
  • Dragon’s perch: you have reached the Dragon’s Breath Tower
  • You brought a lantern, didn’t you?: you have reached the Cave of Drabnir
  • Outlaw: you used illicit ways to pass the gate at the border

Silver Trophies

  • Liberation: you witnessed the end of the cycle
  • An eye for an eye: you petrified a gorgon
  • Forward with your head held high: you got an intact gorgon head
  • The hero: you have overcome all the challenges in the world without protection
  • The protector: you brought people safely into the world without protection
  • In defiance of the Grim Reaper: you performed a miracle for several people at once

Gold Trophies

  • The Master of the Masters: you have learned every skill of the Masters
  • Promoted with high marks: you solved every riddle posed by the queen of riddles

Once you have completed all of the Capcom title’s objectives (bear with me and you will see that you will succeed), you will also have finally unlocked the Platinum Trophy named The Real Arisen: Collect all the other Dragon’s Dogma 2 trophies. ” Congratulations!

Dragon’s Dogma 2: tricks and tips

If trophies are not enough, then here are some basic tricks and tips for getting started with Dragon’s Dogma 2, the Capcom Action-RPG whose main mission alone – excluding side quests – will take at least twenty hours to complete (according to HowLongToBeat).In short, it’s best to be prepared in the best way possible to tackle the fabled Kingdom of Vermund.

Don’t underestimate the time factor

One of the most original aspects of Dragon’s Dogma 2 is the presence of some side missions that expire, in the sense that continue as the hours go by regardless of whether or not the player is committed to completing them: for example, if you do not hurry to rescue the handful of soldiers on a mission who have left the village but have not yet returned, they will be killed by enemies with all the attendant unintended consequences. Therefore, it is important to consider the Time factor when accepting multiple assignments together.

Dragon's Dogma 2 Cheats

Recruiting pawns

Pawns are the Arisen’s traveling companions. Their recruitment can be done in two different ways: you can encounter a Pawn during your long wanderings and, once the conversation has started, ask him or her to join the party or Touch the Fault Stone to access the Bridge Between the Worlds and thus choose one or more Pawns to add to the group.

Dragon's Dogma 2 Trophies List

My advice in this regard, is to always try to build a balanced quartet, which of course you can change whenever you feel it is necessary: at the moment, the composition of my team sees a Warrior (my arisen), a Wizard (with healing duties), an Archer (to hit from a distance) and a Thief.

The environment is your ally

During more complex fights, when the number of enemies is difficult to handle, carefully observe the environment around you. In fact, you will most likely find explosive barrels or stones to throw to injure (or sometimes kill) mobs.

Finally, watch out for rope bridges that you can collapse by destroying the posts holding them up: lure the creatures onto the connecting structure and spring the trap. Dropping opponents into the void will save you a lot of sweat, time and resources to restore health.

Commanding Pawns

Both in combat and during exploration, you can give your Pawns various orders (rather basic but still particularly useful). Orders that can make the difference between winning and losing and between finding valuable treasure or not. Below are the commands available to the Arisen:

  • Ahead: in battle, Pawns scatter away from the Arisen; during exploration they can guide us to a treasure they have unearthed or lead us to the mission location.
  • To me!: command to summon Pawns to us; in combat, causes them to fight by our side.
  • Halt!: Pawns hold their position until a different order is given to them; in the middle of a confrontation, pawns stop attacking to rush to our aid.
  • Help: even more specific than Alt, Pawns rush to the Arisen’s aid to restore his health (if you have a Mage on your team, this will perform a healing spell), his strength, or help him get back up since he was hit particularly hard.

The classes of Dragon’s Dogma 2

Last tip of this mini Guide and then I will let you off the hook: at the beginning of Dragon’s Dogma 2 you have to choose for your Arisen one of the four classes initially available among Warrior, Wizard, Thief, and Archer, each with specific strengths and weaknesses and unique abilities (I chose Warrior but I am not sure which is best).

Dragon's Dogma 2 Classes

If you have any doubts about which class to start the adventure with, don’t worry because, as you continue your journey, you will be given the opportunity to change it at the Class Guild. You can also unlock new ones by accumulating Class Points, which can be obtained by completing specific missions and killing enemies.

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