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Messmer Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree

Elden Ring Shadow of The Erdtree: Messmer the Impaler is Miquella?

The trailer for Elden Ring's DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree, showed Messmer the Impaler: who he might be and the connection to Miquella

It only took three minutes of trailer for Shadow of The Erdtree, the DLC of Elden Ring coming June 21, 2024, to produce lengthy in-depth analyses, which in turn initiated endless theories about the lore and the story of the From Software’s game: who stands out in the trailer is without a shadow of a doubt Messmer the Impaler, the new villain of the expansion, a character as beautiful to see as he is dark and brutal, who could be very close to Miquella if not even Malenia’s own brother as well as Marika’s son. Without mincing words: Messmer is Miquella.

A crazy theory? In short. Let’s say that there are several clues why one might think so (in this regard, do not miss the analysis of the Shadow of the Erdtree trailer made by Aligi “Il Pregianza” Comandini on his Youtube channel). Enough talk, let’s set off for the Shadow Lands.

A place obscured by the Mother Tree. Here first came the divine Marika. It was to this region that Miquella departed. Stripping herself of her body, her strength, her heritage. Of every golden trait. And now Miquella awaits the return of her promised Lord.

Official synopsis of DLC on Bandai Namco’s website

Shadow of the Erdtree will precisely be set in this “laughing place.” A place unheard of for us that we arrive at thanks to Miquella herself: just think of Torrent, the steed that belonged to Marika and Radagon’s son before he was entrusted to us, or the DLC’s access point, the Mohg hall. It all seems to be an already elaborate plan. Then again, Marika needed an Elden Lord just as Miquella, for some unknown reason, will need her promised Lord.

Let’s go back in time for a moment. The aforementioned Mohg kidnaps the cocoon with Miquella inside it (the latter, he had enclosed himself inside a wrapper to give birth to his tree and ascend to godhood. Before he succeeds, he is kidnapped by the Lord of Blood). The point is that at the time of abduction, or shortly after abduction, the Empyrean may have detached from his body to allow his soul to escape to the Shadow Lands.

Here first came the divine Marika. It was to this region that Miquella departed. Stripping himself of his body, his strength, his heritage. Of each golden tract.

As you can see, the synopsis of Shadow of the Erdtree given in the first paragraph returns, powerfully. Having arrived at the place, however, Miquella must have been blocked by something or someone (Messmer) and needs us to implement his plan (of ascension?) as Marika has tried before.

Messmer: the Boss that separates us from Miquella

The Elden Lord – our virtual alter ego – is thus the main pawn in the Empyrean plan. What should we do? Very simple (I know you are laughing before this adjective): cross the Shadow Lands to confront Messmer the Impaler so as to finally reach Miquella. We return to the first words spoken by this cool new antagonist in the Elden Ring DLC trailer:

Mother, how could you elevate to Lord a being devoid of Light.


At first, of my own free will, I thought, “There is no doubt it is Miquella“. But then I realized that it could not be because Messmer has red hair while the brother of Malenia has blond hair: everything points to another child of Radagon and Marika belonging to the progeny with the initial letter M. However, if we carefully analyze the future Boss, we can immediately notice one thing: Messmer’s right arm is extremely similar to Miquella’s coming out of the cocoon, with the body that would correspond to the one grown, instead, inside it.

Messmer Miquella Arm
Is the arm the same? In my opinion, yes

In addition, if we look at Messmer from the perspective of aesthetics and the equipment, spells and attacks at his disposal, it is possible to glimpse the summation of all the major bosses and key figures in Elden Ring: the cape may remind one of that of Mohg or of Radahn (curious that to access the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, it is necessary to have defeated both); helmet has the head of a Dragon (the Time God who incarnated in the Lord Draconic Placidusax); the eye is closed like that of Melina; the snake recalls that of Rykard Lord of Blasphemy; The Black and Red Flames of Death and Blood released from his hand and the grip with which he lifts us into the air that resembles that of Malenia used to pierce opponents.

Finally – and here the matter becomes even more fascinating – remember that, at one point in the adventure, it turns out that Marika, blond hair, and Radagon, red hair, are the same person. Nothing prohibits us from thinking that the same cannot be true for the two protagonists of this special. The theory then is as follows: Messmer is a projection of Miquella (the Shadow Lands could also be a projection of him), a collection of all the strongest characters that has separated from the body of the Empyrean and endowed with a will of its own. His goal? Apparently to prevent the reunion of the Elden Lord with his “non-evil” half.

Messmer Elden Ring

I used quotation marks on evil because it is not necessarily the case that Miquella is an exclusively positive figure: basically in Elden Ring the rule “trusting is good, not trusting is better” applies, and even in this case the principle remains.

And now Miquella awaits the return of her promised lord

In closing: Messmer is the “bad” part of Miquella that has detached itself from her body. The latter, has a plan in mind, perhaps to ascend to godhood and is waiting for his Elden Lord. Nevertheless, between us and Empyrean will come “the son of Radagon and Marika,” and only by defeating him will we discover our fate in the Shadow Lands. All assumptions? Absolutely, but that is the beauty of Elden Ring, which, thanks to Shadow of The Erdtree, becomes even more complex and multifaceted.

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