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Fashion Police Squad Review: fps meets Dolce & Gabbana

In Fashion Police Squad you don't shoot, you simply make everyone look better: the stylish review of Mopeful Games' fps.

In Fashion Police Squad you don’t shoot, you simply make everyone look better: the stylish review of Mopeful Games’ fps.

At all Trendopolis units, a tourist is wearing sandals with socks! Someone solve this stylish crime and get the poor guy back on the straight and narrow! Fashion Police Squad is an old-fashioned, old school, first-person shooter developed by Mopeful Games, a Finnish studio in Helsinki consisting of just three people. A retro fps that kicks ass for gun feel and precision shooting. There is only one condition, however, that must be met to fully enjoy this title: you cannot in any way kill enemy boomers!

In Fashion Police Squad you simply make people cooler, cooler, making them colorful, alive. Death is not expected. Lawyers in gray, dull jackets throwing us bags overflowing with big bucks, the fruit of thirty-six consecutive hours of work? Let’s riddle them with shots from our color-shooting machine gun and freshen up their outfits, ready to make heartbreaks in Trendopolis nightclubs.

My name is Des, Sergent Des

S&M belts to hit mobs with underpants lowered below the butt and underwear in plain view(as I used to shoot when I was thirteen) or living garden dwarfs used as bombs that assault and set the photographer back in line with sandals and socks. Finally proud dudes on their brand-new scooters charging at us nonstop to which we respond with the secondary fire of our machine gun, a psychedelic colored beam. Each of Fashion Police Squad’s many, many enemies attacks relentlessly-but really stuff that at a certain point you say “And just a little bit, placate yourselves for a moment!” – and it has a specific weapon to which it is weak: therefore it is important to Constantly alternating imaginative “trendy mouthpieces” based on the opponent we are facing.

Fashion Police Squad consists of thirteen stout missions in which you essentially go straight following the green dot indicating the objective to be achieved through rather basic stages from the point of view of a level design designed to pay homage to the shooters of a few decades ago. You run like crazy without having to care about the ammunition you have to collect-a particularly effective choice for generating fast-paced, frantic game sessions with a decidedly high tempo.


There is also no shortage of platform phases-useful for catching one’s breath between gunfights but perhaps slightly too long and repeated within each individual level-and mammoth boss fights, stilted, in which you jump, dodge and shoot, often simultaneously, while music rumbles and blasts from the Nintendo Switch speakers in sacred respect, however, for the Fashion Police Squad credo: In Trendopolis, violence is not contemplated.

Fashion Police Squad entertains, never really becoming challenging, giving the player a splash of color and cheerfulness (it’s not High on Life but there is still great weather), accompanied by a storyline that flows along in three fantastic hours of gameplay. Long live first-person shooters.

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