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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Guide Trophies List

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Guide: the list of all Trophies to get Platinum

The guide with the complete list of all bronze, silver and gold trophies to get Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Platinum

On February 29, 2024, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth finally came out (here the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth trailer shown at the last Sony State of Play), the second installment of the Remake trilogy of the historic title released in 1997: while waiting for the review of Square Enix’s Playstation 5 exclusive coming soon to these pages, today, through this guide, I want to reveal to you the complete list with all 61 unlockable trophies needed to obtain the coveted Platinum.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: the list with trophies for Platinum

Below, the complete list of all Final Fantasy VII Rebirth trophies divided by Bronze (54), Silver (5) and Gold (1) if you are interested in unlocking Platinum: some of these will be obtained simply by continuing in the story and getting the game’s ending; for the others, however, you will have to struggle a bit more. In general, bill at least two full runs.

Bronze Trophies

  • Fallen Hero: Finish Chapter 1
  • True beginning: ends Chapter 2
  • Black Tracks: ends Chapter 3
  • Presidential Citation: ends Chapter 4
  • Second Advent: Chapter 5 ends
  • Under the sun: ends Chapter 6
  • Mako at great cost: ends Chapter 7
  • Escape from heaven: ends Chapter 8
  • Laments of the planet: ends Chapter 9
  • Valley of the Stars: ends Chapter 10
  • Cruel Decay: ends Chapter 11
  • Memorable date: Chapter 12 ends
  • Fateful moment: Chapter 13 ends
  • The union: ends Chapter 14
  • Your turn: win a battle
  • Hit and run: hit an enemy’s vulnerability
  • Exordium Stremante: exhausts an enemy
  • Long live freedom: free a trapped comrade
  • Apprentice invoker: invokes an Esper
  • Beyond the limits: use a limit skill
  • Skillful synergy: use a synergistic skill
  • Handyman version: complete an assignment├╣
  • Weapon skill: you gain a weapon skill by taking the mastery level to the maximum
  • Synergy in action: take synergistic action
  • Red climb: rise in rank to red queen
  • Treasure hunter: find all hidden treasure chests
  • Material expansion: level up a matter
  • Feathered Stanator: find with chocobo two treasures hidden by hares
  • Model citizen: raise three chocobo stop signs
  • Exploratory apprentice: completes five requests for the exploratory file
  • Exploratory researcher: completes fifty requests for the exploratory file
  • To us, Espers: get an invocation material by defeating an Esper
  • Exploratory expert: complete a local dossier for the exploratory dossier
  • Band in business: get the vestige in the prairie
  • Overwhelming evidence: get the vestige in Corel
  • Turks promotion: get the vestige in Gongaga
  • Planetary mackerel: get the vestige in Cosmo
  • Commander Condor: get the vestige in Junon
  • Cloaked observation: get the vestige in Nibel
  • Seventh Infantry: gather infantrymen for all Junon parade formations
  • Moguri passion: make a moguri store’s assortment level rise to the maximum
  • Red ruler: win the red queen tournament on Shinra-8
  • Best performance: get the award for the best performance at the Junon parade
  • Best Lead Actor: get S as the lowest rating for acting in Loveless at Gold Saucer
  • Johnny 1 star: unlock the display and get ten collectibles for the Johnny Miramare
  • Johnny 3 stars: unlock the display and get thirty collectibles for the Johnny Miramare
  • 3D Triumphant: beat Sephiroth in the 3D Fight.
  • Arena champion: win all challenges in the arena
  • Master jockey: win all the chocobo races
  • Outstanding pianist: perform the six pieces from the Association for the Advancement of the Piano in a way that merits an award
  • Unstoppable handyman: completes all assignments
  • Ambitious growth: raise a character to level 70
  • Skillful exuberance: learn all weapon skills, combat manuals, and limit skills
  • Stremo to the stars: achieve at least 300% damage bonus by hitting an exhausted enemy
  • Stremo to the stars: achieve at least 300% damage bonus by hitting an exhausted enemy

Silver Trophies

  • Legendary swordsman: defeat Gilgamesh
  • Johnny 5 stars: unlock the display and get sixty collectibles for the Johnny Miramare
  • Material evolutionist: helps Chadley develop all subjects
  • Non plus ultra: finish all chapters in difficult mode
  • Virtual Dominator: win all of Chadley’s simulator challenges

Gold Trophies

  • Johnny 7 stars: report to Johnny that the collection is complete

Once you have completed all the objectives (be patient and you will make it), you will also have finally unlocked the Platinum Trophy called Prayer to the Planet: “get all the Trophies.

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