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Harry Potter: the HBO-produced TV series is finally a reality.

After increasingly persistent rumors, HBO has made the Harry Potter TV series official: one season for each book

There is no time to write the three hundred words required by Google for perfect SEO. However, the rumors of recent days have finally become reality: HBO will produce the new Harry Potter TV series, one season for each book written by J.K. Rowling. A reboot that all fans of the world’s most beloved wizard have been waiting for! Below is the official tweet from HBO Max, complete with teaser trailer.

After the great success of Hogwarts Legacy(here is our review of Hogwarts Legacy), 2023 continues to be the year of Harry Potter, this time thanks to the usual HBO. Now we are anxiously awaiting the cast announcement even though several rumors see Mirko Marzetti ready to take on the role of Arthur Weasely.

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