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Hi-Fi Rush Guida Platino

Hi-Fi Rush Playstation 5 Guide: the list of Trophies to get Platinum

On March 19, 2024, Hi-Fi Rush will arrive on Playstation 5: why you should play it and the guide with the list of all trophies for Platinum

If you follow Freaking News with any frequency, you already know how much I loved the Hi-Fi Rush, the stylish action rhythm game that earned the Top 5 spot among the Best Video Games of 2023: on the occasion of its release on Playstation 5, scheduled for March 19, 2024, I want to tell you – very quickly – why you should play the title of Shinji Mikami developed by Tango Gameworks and then supplement the text with a short Guide containing the list of all 72 Trophies of the game (also considering DLC) needed to obtain the Platinum.

Hi-Fi Rush finally on Playstation 5

I am really happy that March 19, 2024, Hi-Fi Rush will also land on Playstation 5, simply because it is a little gem as beautiful to play as it is wonderful both to see and, more importantly, to hear, and it is only right that as many people as possible should get their hands on it (I remind you that the games formerly exclusive to Microsoft and now also available on PS5, in addition to Hi-Fi Rush, are Pentiment, Sea of Thieves and Grounded).

Tango Gameworks’ IP is, as explained in the beginnin, a stylish action with rhythm game elements, and therefore, successful combos will be determined by good timing in the attacks that must be scored following the rhythm of the music in the background. Play it with headphones to better immerse yourself in the gameplay and to understand the timing of the movesets you will unlock as you progress through the campaign (Hi-Fi Rush won Best Audio Design at The Game Awards 2023).

Hi-Fi Rush Playstation 5 Trophies

In addition to the main offensive maneuvers, it is also important to learn how to use the grappling hook useful, for example, to reduce the distance between you and the opponent and the parry through which you can stun the enemy so you could finish it off with a devastating special attack (there are mobs that can only be defeated if you have mastered perfect parry). Ultimately, Hi-Fi Rush is a crazy game, and for that very reason I must mention the boss fights – all different and challenging – presented on screen by memorable cutscenes perfectly in keeping with the delirium that embraces the production.

Hi-Fi Rush: the list with trophies for Platinum

Below is the list containing all 72 Hi-Fi Rush trophies, including the Arcade Challenge expansion, also found on Playstation 5, divided by Bronze (56 + 7 from DLC), Silver (4 + 3 from DLC) and Gold (1), needed to achieve Platinum. Hang in there and you will see that you will succeed in the goal!

Bronze Trophies

  • Start with a bang!: you have defeated the last line of defense of Quality Control.
  • Best of the best: you won the battle against the production manager.
  • It cost you dearly: you drained the development budget, destroying creative control
  • Negotiator: get rid of the security officer
  • Rockstar: you stole the thunder from the marketing manager
  • The reckoning: you settled the outstanding account with the finance officer
  • Smooth as silk: Finish the game by completing each level on Easy difficulty
  • A good test: finish the game and complete each level on Normal difficulty
  • I deserve compliments now!: finish the game and complete each level on Hard difficulty
  • And the audience goes crazy!: Finish the game and complete each level on Very Hard difficulty.
  • Problem solved — wait, what?: You have unraveled the mystery behind the SPECTRA doors on campus.
  • Thank you for the free chip, Peppermint!: Purchase and equip your first enhancement chip.
  • Tuned chips: unlock all chip slots.
  • Wow! Is there an OTHER health indicator!: increase your health by unlocking the second indicator
  • Play it my way!: purchase and equip your first special attack
  • I think health may be enough now: maximize your health indicator by collecting all health indicators
  • Full reverberation!: boosts the reverb bar to the maximum.
  • Feel the rhythm!: carry out 20 attacks GOING THIS WAY on enemies
  • TOUGH THAT: perform 500 TOUGH attacks on enemies
  • Do I have to read this stuff?: find and read half of the vandelogs on campus
  • Do I really have to read all this stuff?:Find and read all vandelogs on campus.
  • Peppermint, are you there?: destroy 10 barriers with the help of Peppermint
  • You must like asking me for help, Chai: destroy 50 barriers with the help of Peppermint
  • The Z-shudders make a mockery of us!: destroy 10 enemy shields with the help of Macaron
  • You have a talent, Macaron: destroy 50 enemy shields with the help of Macaron
  • Just a cloud of smoke: put out 10 fires in battle with Korsica (enemies included)
  • What fresh air!: put out 50 fires in battle with Korsica (enemies included)
  • Perfect parry: perform 15 saves with perfect timing
  • Perfect parade!: perform 200 saves with perfect timing
  • First we parry, then we counterattack: perform 20 parries with counterattack using any partner
  • This is how a real team fights!: perform 100 parries with counterattack using any partner
  • Um, they were already broken: destroy 200 Vandelay security robots.
  • How much scrap metal…: destroy 500 Vandelay security robots
  • Well, they started it!: destroy 1,000 robots of Vandelay security.
  • Take flight!: run 50 times Air power
  • I’m not done with you yet: annihilate 20 enemies
  • Improviser: successfully complete 20 improvised combos.
  • The perfect ladder: complete all floors of the Rhythm Tower
  • When you are TOO helpful: find all the E-fridges and complete all their workouts
  • Do we know each other?: find Vandelay’s HR inspector and listen to all his monologues
  • What a look, but I can do BETTER: equip any costume
  • Not what I expected: have “The Artist” decorate the shelter
  • Who put devices there?: destroy your first golden statue of Kale.
  • Wow, that was AMAZING!: defeat your first enemy with a rhythm parry attack.
  • Kick-ass guitarist: finish a level with an S grade in all choruses (any difficulty)
  • I am untouchable!: finish a level without taking damage (any difficulty)
  • The cat doesn’t scratch!: play with 808 in the shelter.
  • Do you want to hear my playlist?: change the background music in the shelter
  • Does it say “Soft spot?”: destroy the face of QA-1MIL, revealing its shame
  • See? Zero problems, Peppermint!: completes the route on the transit tracks in Production without being damaged
  • I’m a good person, always help: help 3 Vandelay robots solve their problems
  • Have you ever parried a volcano?: successfully parries a volcanic rock outside the R&D Department.
  • Joining forces and going for time: defeat your biggest enemy with a perfectly timed attack for a grand musical finale
  • I’m trying to concentrate!: find and destroy all flying announcer drones
  • Predictable music: parries all parry attacks in rhythm of enemies that are not bosses (only in the main game)
  • Okay, now maybe I know what I do: successfully perform all the combos and attacks in the gymnasium

Arcade Challenge Bronze Trophies

  • NOW we have a kick-ass shelter: try the arcade booth in the shelter
  • Call me Turbo-Chai: Complete one game of BPM Fever (easy or normal difficulty)
  • Choose your own adventure: complete a game of Tower Arcade
  • Don’t make it worse: Unlock the special attack “My Hero!” and use it in combat
  • Other bad guys? No problem!: perfectly parries parry attacks in the rhythm of KEM-N0 and DM-ET1L
  • It will be fine, CNMN: unlock the special attack “CnMostruoso” and use it in combat
  • Low cost conclusion: defeat the final boss of the game wearing the “Low cost” costume of Chai (with guitar) and 808

Silver + Arcade Challenge Trophies

  • Who is in charge now?: challenge the CEO and win the fight
  • Look at those moves!: buy all combos and team attacks
  • Don’t lose the rhythm!: finish the game by completing each level at least at Master of Rhythm difficulty
  • It will never trouble us again: solve the problem once and for all in an epic confrontation
  • Voices from the subconscious: read all messages from developers [DLC]
  • How wicked: complete BPM Fever in EX mode. [DLC]
  • It was worth it: you will finally get that gift basket [DLC]

Gold Trophies

  • The long road traveled: complete the Wall of Glory in the refuge

Once you have completed all the goals in Hi-Fi Rush, you will also have finally unlocked the Platinum Trophy called I’ve Achieved Platinum!: you have done the impossible to get all the Trophies. ” Congratulations!

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