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Lies Of P Boss Guide

Lies of P Guide: the hardest Bosses ranked and how to defeat them

The guide and tips for defeating the Parade Master, Fallen Archbishop Andreus and the other hardest bosses in Lies of P

After the success of the guide to the Hardest Bosses in Armored Core 6 (here’s our guide to the Bosses of Armored Core 6), I thought I’d open my bag containing all the tricks and tips for defeating even the rather mangy ones from Lies of P: finished this reading, you will have no problem in beating Laxasia, the Fallen Archbishop Andreus or the first stumbling block of the game, the Master of the Parade.

Lies of P, the soulslike developed by Round 8 Studio and Neowiz Games, has definitely made its way into my heart as a fan of the genre, so much so that I gave it a full 8 in the review (here by the way, find the review of Lies of P). A game that while innovating virtually nothing in the genre, definitely deserves to be tried, all the more so if you are an Xbox Game Pass subscriber. Before proceeding a note: in this guide, you will find all the bosses I encountered in my first run. I am completing the second one and I know there is another final boss fight that I haven’t had a chance to face yet. Premise done, we can begin.

Parade Master

Here he is, the Parade Master, cute clown who will try to make you quitter the title after a few seconds. It is actually a rather easy enemy to deal with, an appetizer of what will be Lies of P: the attacks are quite readable and for that reason, the best advice I can give you (which then applies to most of the bosses in this guide) is to take your time to learn his strokes.

Parade Master

Do not be afraid to die, rather sense the rhythm of his lunges (some will be later than you expected) to line up several parries that, in a short time, will allow you to stun him. In the second, disturbing phase, when he will detach his head from his body, keep your distance, let him vent all his frustrations and hit him when he completes combos.

Scrapped Watchman

The first real maxi puppet to defeat in Lies of P, the Scrapped Watchman. Not the most difficult certainly, but definitely a behemoth who knows his stuff. Meanwhile, as in the previous fight, the suggestion is to calmly and quietly learn his moveset, as it will also come in handy for a more advanced boss fight.

In the first stage, the top-down attack, despite coming out of your line of sight, will become easy to read on the fifth or sixth attempt. The same goes for horizontal sweeps, which he will often combine along with the previous vertical sweep. Finally, the grab inflicts considerable damage, but just watch the boss carefully to see the moment when he is about to reach out to grab you, which is when he takes a kind of ‘long breath’ as if to charge himself.

Scrapped Watchman

Things change slightly in stage two, in which the Broken Sentinel will add an electric AOE to its move set. Don’t worry, just dodge it by moving into the energy-deprived spaces and, once the discharge is exhausted, resume the previous strategy, mixing parry and swordplay.

Fallen Archbishop Andreus

Finally we come to the Fallen Archbishop Andreus, a boss fight in which the difficulty of Lies of P rises slightly, just enough to think it is an insurmountable and impossible opponent to defeat. Don’t despair because there are a couple of tricks that will make the encounter significantly more affordable.

The solution to this battle, dear men and women readers, can be found in the first stage, as Andreus’ moveset is practically the same as in the second stage. So proceed by putting yourself in front of his very ugly face and start memorizing them: although the wounds inflicted are particularly high, I can assure you that the game is worth the candle. When it rises from the ground to try to crush you, run away or roll away from the impact area.

Fallen Archbishop Andreus Lies of P

In the second stage, you should not be intimidated by the Archbishop’s true form. Run with Pinocchio to the back of the monster, where you will meet again the spider you just defeated…with the exact same moveset. Last tip: any fire consumables are recommended but use them only if you are really exasperated by the encounter. Rather, properly exploit the Legion Arm Flamethrower to the point of burning him so as to inflict passive damage.

The Eldest and the Black Rabbit Brotherhood

Getting to this point in the guide, I feel free to tell you that if you are in trouble, you can always seek help in an evocation: against The Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood and in the maxi boss fight almost in conjunction with the ending of Lies of P, when you are called to face all brothers together, there is nothing wrong with balancing the challenge with an ally in addition to the fact that, all in all, it is also fun to fight together.

That said, the first time you encounter the Brotherhood of Black Rabbits, the Eldest one will be your main cat to deal with. It will chase you, it will damn your soul. Nevertheless, his attacks will all be quite readable and, once sensed, the parry will be easy to pull off. When the other Black Rabbits will take the field (they will intervene in the arena one at a time as you reduce the life of the Eldest), focus on them immediately (the grappling hook is useful for drawing them to you while keeping you at a distance from the main enemy), kill them and then resume beating the real boss.

Black Rabbit Brotherhood

The second encounter, on the other hand, will see you facing the three younger brothers at the same time, and when you have killed two of them, the Eldest will come out of nowhere to try to put an end to your adventure. The trick is to eliminate one of the three siblings right away and, once done, simply wound the other two in parallel until they both have less than one-third of the total health.

At this point, you will choose who to kill, remembering that you still have about forty seconds left before the Eldest enters the scene, just enough time to kill even the last man standing. There you have it, served on a silver platter, an easy 1 vs. 1 to close the “Brotherhood of Black Rabbits” file for good.

Romeo King of Puppets

Romeo King of Puppets is the coolest boss in Lies of P: the arena is particularly evocative thanks to first-rate set design, and the cutscene that introduces the enemy fully pays homage – as does that of Archbishop Andreus – to From Software’s works. The first phase is the easiest one to learn and one in which your parries must be your own.

The second one, however, frees Romeo’s true form, and here the game gets complicated: Romeo is super fast, splashing from one side of the screen to the other and when he decides to fire the blade, make the sign of the cross. His scythe will try to slice you relentlessly, and you must be ready to evaluate three possible options: damaging him with a charged shot while igniting the weapon, so as to interrupt his ‘special move’; learning the timing of his mows to block them perfectly (difficult, not impossible) or escape, in pure Malenia style of Elden Ring, with an eye always focused on stamina.

Romeo King of Puppets
I’m Romeo, the best boss of Lies of P

Having escaped the combo, the King of Puppets’s stability is quite low, and stunning him will not prove all that difficult. Attack him at full speed after parrying his long offensive sequences. Also pay attention and dodge backward when his eye lights up red:this is when he will try to grab you with his curved weapon.

Green Monster of the Swamp

Ugly and creepy – though not on the level of the Fallen Archbishop Andreus – the Green Monster of the Swamp is another boss in Lies of P in which I have read and heard of people struggling mightily. And it fits, because we are talking about a difficult and mangy enemy. Two phases also and two bars of life. Mission Impossible? No, it can be done, especially by getting through the first stage almost unharmed.

Starting with the latter, there are a couple of cursory attacks. In the former, he will start digging like a mole to hit you by suddenly emerging from underground: to avoid him you must first run and then roll in the instant immediately before he resurfaces. The second, on the other hand, is the frontal charge: in this case, you jerk first toward him and then run back to where you came from, as if you were going back and forth. Trivially you will be faster. Also watch out for its ‘tentacles’: you can parry them perfectly or wait for them to hit you by keeping your guard up and recover health by wounding the creature later.

Green Monster of the Swamp

In the second phase, the Green Monster will merge with a Scrapped Watchman, the first boss of Lies of P, and part of his moveset will be the same as in the initial challenge (which is why I suggested earlier that you learn the Scrapped Watchman well), to which he will join one or more rolls To be avoided with care and particulars jumping attacks as if it were a frog.. In this case, always move in the opposite direction of his leaps.

Finally, it may also assume a crab-like stance as it attempts to damage you with its two tentacles: keep a safe distance away throwing any electric-type blunt objects at it since they are particularly effective against the Sentinel (of course, do this when you have accumulated some experience with the monster). In this regard, the Legion Arm that gives the shake could prove very useful in this confrontation.

Laxasia the Complete

Laxasia the Complete was, at least in my experience, the most difficult boss to beat in Lies of P. I suffered so much from its second phase, which was too fast and difficult for my poor Pinocchio to follow. In any case, the first stage of Laxasia is affordable, as the knight’s strokes are easily read and after a few tries you will have already learned them by heart. Just a note: when he starts the violent series of swords, practice parries because it is a perfect combo to make his vitality bar bright.

In contrast to the first, the second round against Laxasia The Complete will give you considerable trouble The shocks he will throw at you can be repelled by parrying them a moment before impact. You will thus inflict high damage for free. Also, equip yourself with armor that has high resistance against electricity

Laxasia the Complete

Following the first attack in the air, follow Laxasia with your gaze because he will constantly move around the arena and never take your eyes off him again. Wait for the right window to try to strike because its movements are often unpredictable. Not being in a hurry is the key: try first not to take damage and then find the right moment to strike. For example, when he re-lands after going up in the air, it is a good time to go on the offensive phase. Also pay attention after you stun him: again, the boss is hard to fall.

Simon Manus

I do not consider Simon Manus to be such a powerful boss: his moveset is slow and predictable, and there is no significant difference between the first and second phases of the confrontation. Just think, I beat him on the fourth or fifth try with only a few health refills left (until his departure, I was convinced he was the worst try of all). How did I do that?

Simon Manus

I kept my patience and struck only when I was certain that he would not harm me (parries here, precisely because of his clumsiness, are easy to execute). There is one magic attack that might get you in trouble: when a giant hand prepares to strike the playing field, simply move away from the area because the impact will not cover the arena in its entirety. Always remember that you have just defeated Laxasia The Complete, do not let Simon Manus even bother you.

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