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Meet Your Maker Review: a typical day at storming bunkers

My typical day with Meet Your Maker, the new title from Behaviour Interactive, including raids, traps, electric arrows and idiot monsters

Assaulting the bunkers built by the Meet Your Maker community was an experience that I never thought would engage me so much, despite the fact that I was also playing Sifu’s mine in parallel (by the way, Sifu‘s review is a click away). Labyrinthine bunkers into which one must carefully infiltrate to steal MatGen, the last remaining source of energy in the Wastelands. Having crossed the threshold of the imposing structure to be looted, the main rule is this: watch everything and every wall around you, because activating a trap that“sends you to your maker” is a snap. Sneaking forward as if we were skilled robbers and then trying to make a run for it after getting our hands on the MatGen, while the deadly contraptions arranged with infamous bastardry by the fort builder try hard to interrupt our escape As in the best genre film.

It may happen, while exploring, to encounter one of the few enemies currently in the game. We then take our rifle with the worst range ever – we just have to get used to it as well as upgrading at the main hub our main but not only firearm – to fire off a kill shot, so much as the abominable being is most of the time bamboozled and will not create who knows what problems. In short, the forays into Meet Your Maker kick ass. and although there is still much work to be done by Behaviour Interactive-the development studio-to provide users with more and more tools to build the perfect Alcatraz, I must say that the foundation of this fps mixed tower defense is more than solid. That dutiful introduction having been made, I want to tell you about my typical day in Meet Your Maker, which has been available for a few days now on PC, Playstation 4 and 5, Xbox consoles and on day one for Playstation Plus subscribers.

Preparation for the assault

We wake up at 8 a.m. and turn on the console. I bring coffee to one of the team members who decided to accompany me on this mission — on behalf of a grotesque being, the Chimera, which speaks to us from a tank – Just to sweeten it: I’m going to activate his unique ability That, in exchange for a devastating electric shock and some material gathered in my raids, will allow me to see the density of traps and enemies present in the next fortress To be plundered.

Mmm considering that I just woke up, I would say to start with a not overly complex bunker. The density of traps is high while that of enemies is average. What a novelty, after all, the former are thirty times stronger than those idiot monsters who can do practically nothing.

I check the equipment: I have the carbine and shield with me, which for now I prefer to the blade for close combat. The building that stands out in my eyes is truly remarkable, you can really tell that Yoshimitsu96 – invented Playstation 5 user name – was just inspired when he decided to build this architectural devilry. Short parenthesis: consider that you, too, can build your dream stronghold and come up with every useful ruse to take your well-deserved revenge against other attackers. The “problem,” as I had anticipated in the previous paragraph, is that there is, so far, not so much stuff to exploit, which is precisely why studio support will be crucial.


Well, we have everything we need, I would say we are ready to go. I still haven’t figured out what the Chimera wants from me, probably never will, but why ask so many questions. I am going through a long series of deaths until I have learned the bunker by heart; I will be inundated with adrenaline rushes mixed with anxiety as arrows, bombs and explosions will not give me a moment’s respite. How I love Meet Your Maker!

Your typical raid in Meet Your Maker

I enter following the Reaper, a small robot responsible for transporting the MatGen extracted from the main power source, our target, outside. I rest my boot on a slab that looked identical to the others and out of the ground come spikes that brutally cross my body from bottom to top . Goodbye world. Game Over – I just woke up there can be this first carelessness – and we start again!

In subsequent raids I move with a watchful eye, one step at a time, partly because my virtual alter ego has no health points And every blow suffered is deadly: with the rifle I take out the first two ravenous monsters including a creepy Hornet, a flying mutation that shoots search bullets. Next, I move with the grappling hook to a platform to also eliminate the third enemy hiding in the room, who in the meantime was making strange noises that remind me of the classic howls of those who have not eaten for days on end .

Before continuing into the new area, however, I look around. After dying several times from arrows shot from a wall trap, I understood what is the key to surviving In Meet Your Maker: in Behaviour Interactive’s latest effort, it is vital to move carefully, as every single step can prove fatal. I therefore move the camera to my right and left, then upward and finally downward to try to glimpse and anticipate any insidiousness. Having reached the heart of the building and retrieved the MatGen, they are ready to escape. I thought I had gotten away with it, and instead, no way.

The escape from the bunker

New fire-breathing contraptions-which obviously were not there before-emerge from the walls as a hook tries to grab me. Shit, Yoshimitsu96 just won’t give me this MatGen. I do not panic even though, underneath, I know I am doomed to most likely have to do it all over again from the beginning. I summon the grappling hook to get past the first death machines unharmed, then fire an electric “thunderbolt” at the most dangerous trap, the one in front of me set specifically to bugger you, and from which there would have been no escape if I had not been so quick to draw my weapon.

Meanwhile, the walls spit Thirty or so darts grazing me gently without touching me – there must be the hand of Jesus Christ or one of his super trashy films collected by our Matthew – as if the Lord wanted to reward my calmness in a situation bordering on the absurd. I held my breath for a minute or so. Recovering lucidity, I run toward the light that stands for one thing: salvation. They are out. All I can do is leave a super rating to Yoshimitsu96 for creating something brilliant, unique, and absurd, which I had not yet encountered: my cv counted, up to that point, at least twenty successfully completed raids.

In short, this story to tell you that the potential of Meet Your Maker is very high. Everything will come through the support of both Behaviour and the community: aspiring level designers who will become famous precisely because of their fortresses. Don’t joke about it because I think that’s exactly how it’s going to be for someone and indeed it would be beautiful. Imagine an interview,“You are very good at building levels, where did you learn?” ” Eh you know, Meet Your Maker taught me so much.”


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