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Nba Playoff, scores and recaps of the tonight’s games

Lakers - Grizzlies, Heat - Bucks and Nuggets - Timberwolves: the scores and the crazy recap of Game 2 of the Nba Playoff played tonight.

Tonight three Nba Playoff Game 2 were played: Memphis Grizzlies – Los Angeles Lakers, Milwaukee Bucks – Miami Heat and Denver Nuggets – Minnesota Timberwolves, and to inaugurate the Nba Observatory (which meanwhile yesterday listed you the best Movies and TV Shows about Basketball), we give you a nice recap of what happened with the final scores. First, however, a bit of “in the previous episodes.” The Grizzlies are forced to tie the series after the slaps they took in Game 1 and the badly bent hand, an understatement, by Ja Morant who unfortunately had to leave the game still in substantial balance with five minutes left in the final quarter.

The Bucks, as well as Memphis, must tie a series that started badly with an unexpected defeat in Game 1. A game that will be remembered not only for Jimmy Butler’s monstrous performance – 35 points, 11 assists and 3 steals – but also for the injuries: Giannis Antetokounmpo for Milwaukee and Tyler Herro for Miami. Finally, the Timberwolves who, you guessed it, have to tie it as well to try to extend a series that has seen us all witness a devastating swell by the Denver Nuggets, who emerged victorious from the first challenge 109 – 80. Now that we’re all aligned, let’s find out what happened tonight.

Game 2: Los Angeles Lakers – Memphis Grizzlies 93 – 103

Hands in hair and regrets for the Los Angeles Lakers who failed to get the better of the Memphis Grizzlies orphaned of Ja Morant. The team of Lebron James and Anthony Davis was always down in the score – even by 20 points – and never really managed to make the Grizzlies feel their breath on their necks. Down by 6 points with two minutes to go in the third quarter, the Lakers tried to get close again and sew up the tear permanently but Coach Taylor Jenkins’ boys were very good at responding to the onslaught and thus continue to manage the game until the buzzer.

Anthony Davis despite yet another great defensive effort with 5 blocks, in 40 minutes of usage shoots poorly, in fact very poorly, 4 on 14 and honestly the second superstar of the purple and yellow can and must do better to give his team a chance to win. No Ja Morant? No problem. All of Memphis’ starting five went into double figures with an excellent performance by Jaren Jackson Jr. fresh off his Best Defensive Player of the Year award, with 18 points, 9 rebounds and 3 blocks. It’s back to Los Angeles on 1-1.

Game 2: Miami Heat – Milwaukee Bucks 122 – 138

The other team that was supposed to win took the game home by tying the series at 1 to 1. Again, big regrets for the Miami Heat who, though having to play without Tyler Herro, are facing again the Bucks without Giannis Antetokounmpo. Nevertheless, Milwaukee rolled up its sleeves and played a solid team game, won thanks to a sumptuous choral performance. On the spikes, the eternal Jrue Holiday with 24 points and 11 assists, flanked by Brook Lopez who finished with 25 points.

Heat never in the game and forced to chase disadvantages almost always over twenty points. As usual, the only lighthouse on the night was Jimmy Butler, author of a remarkable 25-point effort in just 28 minutes (then again, if you go down by 25 it’s not like you’re going to squeeze your star) with 8 – 12 from the field and 7 of 8 from the free throw line. Miami however achieved its goal of winning one game in Milwaukee.

Game 2: Minnesota Timberwolves – Denver Nuggets 113 – 122

Is there no two without three? No, Minnesota loses at the prohibitive heights of Denver, where breath is shortest for all but not for those who play at home. The duo Jokic – Murray gives the opposing defense the creeps, led under the basket by the quarrelsome Gobert. The former comes close to a 29-9-9 triple-double. The latter, in playoff mode, if in game 1 was hot, tonight was very hot: 40 points in 39 minutes, as if to yell to the world “I’m back ladies and gentlemen” after three years of absence due to an injury that took him away from the stages that matter.

Too bad really for Minnie who finally finds again an Anthony Edwards in great form, 40 points for him too, who however preaches a bit in the desert. Towns bad from the field (3 – 12) despite a double-double of 10 points and 12 rebounds. Beware though, Minnesota tried to sell its skin dearly: late in the third quarter and early in the last, it was even ahead but Porter Jr.’s eruption (13 points in the decisive 12 minutes) put the game back on favorable tracks for the hosts. Now the Timberwolves need the pride match to make it 2-1 and try to play all the shells in Game 4.

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