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Nba Playoffs, scores and recap of the night’s games Ep. 2

Suns - Clippers, Kings - Warriors and 76ers - Nets: the scores and crazy recaps of Game 3 of the Nba Playoffs played tonight.

Scores and recaps of the Nba Playoff Games 3 played tonight: Philadelphia 76ers – Brooklyn Nets; Phoenix Suns – Los Angeles Clippers; and Sacramento Kings – Golden State Warriors. A tradition now on these shores (not true we are only on episode 2, the first one instead you can find it here). There are those who dream of reopening the series and those who can’t wait to get their snouts in gear and unlock parity. Finally, there is the NBA fairy tale, and there are the defending champions who must try to make themselves respected.

Game 3: Philadelphia 76ers – Brooklyn Nets 97 – 102

Brooklyn tried to reopen this series at home, really tried but Philadelphia, even outside the city of brotherly love, is too strong. Damn you Durant and Irving who left, damn you. The Nets gave it their all; Bridges–a new star is officially being born–gave it his all and ends a Game 3 with 26 pts, 6 rebounds and 5 assists.

Beyond, however, is a group on a mission with the probable future MVP 2023 who did not have the game of his life – 14 points and 10 rebounds – but closed the valley with the final play that sealed Phila’s 3 – 0 win over Brooklyn. On 99 – 97 for the 76ers with 10 seconds to go, we see Spencer Dinwiddie attacking the basket ready for an easy layup but here comes out of nowhere, as quick and graceful as a cheetah, Embiid who blocks the player waking up Jacque Vaughn’s team from the dream.

Game 3: Sacramento Kings – Golden State Warriors 114 – 97

Welcome Home. Even without Draymond Green, who was disqualified for this game, Golden State did the Golden State thing and followed the leitmotif of the season: the Warriors, when they are within their own walls, are unbeatable. Leading the onslaught is, of course, Steph Curry, who drags – not alone – his teammates with a great 36-point performance with 12 of 25 from the field but especially 6 of 12 “from downtown”..” Along with him, Kevon Looney in a “I’m in charge under the basket today” version, 20 rebounds including 9 offensive and 9 assists.

Needless to say, how heavy will be the next game scheduled for Sunday, April 23 at 9:30 p.m. Italian time: if Golden State wins, Game 5 in Sacramento will be absolute bedlam, the inside-out match for everyone. If, on the other hand, the Kings, after this baptism on the road, have somehow adapted to the delirium of Chase Center will decide to come down from their hotel bedroom to actually play…never say never.

Game 3: Phoenix Suns – Los Angeles Clippers 129 – 124

It’s raining. My cat died. My girlfriend left me…and I am a Clippers’ fan

Federico Buffa

Leonard unavailable for Game 3, after he had finally regained his best form, because of a knee problem (fortunately not the same one that kept him out for so long, too long). Moral of the story: Russell Westbrook’s all-heart performance of 30 pts, 12 rebounds and 8 assists, is not enough and Los Angeles loses at home and the home-court advantage.

Benefiting from this heavy absence, obviously the Phoenix Suns dragged by Devin Booker whose scoreboard at the end of the game reads: 45 points and 6 rebounds All we can do is cross our fingers for Kawhi. One of the most enjoyable series in the Western Conference already has its first pivotal match: Game 4 is in or out for the Clippers.

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