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Power Ranking Western Conference NBA 2024

NBA Western Conference Power Ranking 2023-2024

Episode 19 of the NBA Four Quarters Podcast: our 2024 Power Ranking featuring the best teams in the Western Conference

After compiling the Eastern Conference Power Ranking (if you missed the Eastern Conference Power Ranking, you can catch up with the dedicated episode of our NBA Four Quarters Podcast here), today it is the turn of the Western Conference 2023-2024 Power Ranking. A complicated episode to say the least to stay in our 48-minute format (spoilers, we couldn’t), given the power of the rosters of the West’s franchises.

There will be plenty of surprises in a Power Ranking in which every team from position 11 on up could easily find themselves in the Top 5 of the Western Conference at the conclusion of the regular season or end up outside the top 10, with no chance to play the play-in.

California Love

Lets start our journey in the Western Conference of the upper echelons by starting with California’s capital city. De’Aaron Fox’s Sacramento Kings hope to repeat or even improve on last year’s great result. Slightly further south, here are the Golden State Warriors who are reuniting with one of the key players in their 2022 playoff run, Andrew Wiggins: the Canadian star was missed like crazy last year but today he seems 100% recovered, both physically and especially mentally.


Before moving on to the other formations of the West, let’s drop by Hollywood. The Los Angeles Lakers, coming off a loss in the 2023 Western Conference finals, have a deep and complete roster at their disposal, even to cope with the possible absences of Anthony Davis and LeBron James, who will have to manage their efforts ahead of the playoffs. At the tail end, there are coach Tyron Lue’s Los Angeles Clippers: tell us the condition of Paul George and Kawhi Leonard and we will know the potential course of the season.

Endless Western Conference

But the high-level teams obviously did not end there. The Minnesota Timberwolves of Anthony Edwards must find a way to handle Rudy Gobert and Karl-Anthony Towns; the Dallas Mavericks of Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving are also obliged to find a balance, both offensively and defensively; the Oklahoma City Thunder of that phenomenon of Shai Gilgeous-Alexander look like a bomb ready to explode, not to mention the Memphis Grizzlies who will begin the Regular Season without Ja Morant, out for the first 25 games. All high quality teams ready to clash for a place in the West that matters.

Denver Nuggets 2023-2024

Then let us not forget the New Orleans Pellicans who depend, for better or worse, on the physical condition of Zion Williamson and the new Phoenix Suns who can field a devastating offensive trio of Booker, Beal and Durant, ferried by new coach Frank Vogel. In all this, the Denver Nuggets will try not to be intimidated by all these battleships and still win the NBA title led by the Jamal Murray – Nikola Jokic duo (will the Serbian center still be hungry after the first NBA title?).

In short, this Western Conference Power Ranking was not at all easy to draw up. Expect surprises, exaggerated predictions and barroom discussions. We have marked all our shots and at the end of the Regular Season we will revisit this ranking to find out if our predictions have proved correct.

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