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Rise of The Ronin Platinum Guide

Rise of the Ronin – Platinum Guide and tips for getting started

Our guide with the list of all trophies to get Rise of The Ronin Platinum and some tricks and tips to start the game

For the past few days, Rise of the Ronin, the new action video game developed by Team Ninja exclusively for Playstation 5 that we included in our list of the Best Games Coming Out in March 2024 is available for purchase: while waiting for the review to come in the next few days, I thought to write this guide in which you will find both the list with all 51 game trophies if you are interested in unlocking the Platinum, both some tricks and tips to get you off to the best start.

Rise of the Ronin: the list with trophies for Platinum

Below is the list containing all 51 Rise of the Ronin’s trophies divided by Bronze (39), Silver (9) and Gold (2) needed to achieve Platinum: some of these will be story-related, while others will require you to perform certain actions or gather collectibles, complete side quests and reach specific experience levels.

Bronze Trophies

  • Leaving the nest: you have completed the prologue.
  • The curtain falls, the curtain rises: you have discovered that your twin Blade is still alive
  • Penitentiary complex infiltration: you found Shoin Yoshida
  • A happy memory: you took a photograph for Taka Murayama
  • Black ships, long shadows: you have completed Chapter 1
  • Meeting with Kaishu Katsu: You spoke with Katsu Kaishu on the Sumida River.
  • A show for the shogun: you discovered the identity of the mystery samurai during the duel
  • Strange alliances: you negotiated a truce between the Roshigumi and Chosu clans
  • City of Darkness: you have completed Chapter 2
  • The Satsuma-Choshu alliance: you persuaded Takamori Saigo
  • The Battle of Toba-Fushimi: you put an end to the Battle of Toba-Fushimi
  • Farewell, black cat: you saved Soji Okita’s life
  • The big break: you saved Shinsaku Takasugi’s life
  • Twilight shield: you saved Ryoma Sakamoto’s life
  • Twists of fate: you made your first connection
  • One hand washes the other: you gave your first gift
  • Fateful meeting: you have reached your first personal bond of level 4
  • Home sweet home: you have achieved your first level 3 area bond
  • Battle equipment: you have upgraded armor, weapon and secondary weapon
  • Power transfer: you performed your first bond transfer
  • Collector: you got your first completion reward.
  • Resonance: you equipped four or more pieces of equipment with the same set bonus for the first time
  • Time travel: you retried a mission using Soul Will for the first time
  • Highest diligence: you have reached the highest rank (Master) in the dojo
  • Horseback riding genius: You have achieved the highest rank (Master) in horse archery
  • Sky fighter: you have achieved the highest rank (Master) in glider training
  • Firearms specialist: you have achieved the highest rank (Master) in firearms training
  • A new beginning: you have furnished your nagaya for the first time.
  • The end of a cheat: you caught 5 cheaters playing Odd or Even
  • Style guru: you have mastered three fighting styles
  • Master in one art, versatile in all: you have mastered one of the four statistics
  • Device specialist: you have performed technological developments 15 times
  • Money, money, money: you saved 150,000 sen
  • Good to see you here: you had 50 chance encounters
  • Ronin in the round: you have reached level 55
  • Lonely ronin: you completed a mission without allies
  • Martial arts fan: you defeated enemies using all weapons
  • Lifesaver: you completed the objectives of a mission without any kills
  • The Fall of the Ronin: you took off from the elevated platform at the Kiyomizudera Temple

Silver Trophies

  • The future of the veiled blade: you have sealed the fate of your twin blade
  • Dawn of a new Japan: you have completed Chapter 3
  • Shadow hound: you have completed 100 assassinations
  • Peacekeeper: you defeated 50 fugitives from justice
  • Tourist: you have completed all the photo points
  • Cats first: you found all the cats
  • Veiled vote: you weaved your first romantic relationship
  • Social climbing: you have participated in missions with all available allies
  • Blue Demon’s Tears: you defeated the Blue Demon on the Black Ship

Gold Trophies

  • Friendly neighborhood ronin: you have completed all the bonding missions
  • Midnight crossing: you have completed an optional ronin mission with difficulty “Midnight” enabled

Once you have completed all the objectives of Rise of the Ronin (be patient and you will see that you will succeed), you will also have finally unlocked the Platinum named Rise of the Ronin: “you have achieved all the Trophies. ” Congratulations!

Rise of the Ronin: tricks and tips

If trophies are not enough, then here are some basic tricks and tips for getting started Rise of the Ronin and cope to the fullest with Team Ninja’s action that promises to be spectacular from the point of view of the combat system (this was to be expected considering the CV of the studio that has given us such titles as Nioh and Ninja Gaiden in recent years).

Choose the difficulty of the game carefully

In Team Ninja’s latest effort, you can choose from three different difficulty levels that you can change in game at any time: Dawn (Easy), Dusk (Normal) and Twilight (Hard). If you are new to studio IPs, the advice is to start with Dawn and increase the challenge rate going forward: within this difficulty level, you can also set some parameters such as increase recovered health with medication or reduce the consumption of Ki after an attack.

Keep calm in combat

Especially at the beginning of the adventure, try not to press the button to attack furiosly: the risk is that you will run out of stamina in a short time and thus be at the mercy of the enemy. In Rise of the Ronin it is important to carefully observe the opponent’s moveset in order to hit him with a devastating combo only when discovered. Always remember: calm is the virtue of the strong!

Rise of The Ronin Trophies List

Learn the Blade Flash Technique

As in Nioh, there is an important technique in Rise of the Ronin, called Blade Flash, which you should try to master as soon as possible and which will allow you to recharge your stamina instantly to continue attacking the enemy. After finishing an offensive sequence and pressing the R1 key (without paying too much attention to timing), you will partially restore the Ki indicator, the amount recovered from which will depend on how much blood is on your weapon.

Rise of The Ronin Tips

There is not only parry

We have, finally, come to the last tip of this guide: the parry is, without a shadow of a doubt, the most useful and important defensive mechanic in Rise of the Ronin and, consequently, also the one that requires the most time commitment to be executed perfectly.

Rise of The Ronin Tricks

Therefore, as you try to figure out how and when to use the perfect parry, don’t forget about the other maneuvers, which are useful to prevent your character from taking damage: blocks and dodges, for example, are equally important to use, especially in Boss Fights. The success of the fight should not depend solely and exclusively on the good execution of the parry.

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