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Messmer the Impaler Guide

Shadow of the Erdtree Guide: how to defeat the boss Messmer the Impaler

The guide to defeating the most difficult Bosses in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree continues: this time it's the turn of Messmer the Impaler

After beating the boss Rellana Twin Moon Knight (if you haven’t faced her yet, here’s the Guide to defeat Rellana), it’s the turn of another particularly tough enemy in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree, Messmer the Impaler, whom I faced in the Shadow Fortress.

Messmer’s was, is at present, and in all likelihood will be, my favorite boss fight in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree, for atmosphere, epicness, music, quality of challenge – balanced, never unfair or overly punishing – and lore of a character who, perhaps, is anything but a true villain, doomed to a cruel fate and forever segregated in the Shadow Realm.

Messmer the Impaler

Before proceeding with the fight, some background information: character level 160 and level 10 as far as Scadutree Fragments (in retrospect, I think I went against Messmer underleveled; if I had been at level 12, it would have been ideal); build used: Moonveil katana and Hand of Malenia in the first phase with the sole objective of making him bleed while, for the next one, Moonveil wielded two-handed to stun him as quickly as possible.

Finally, I decided not to resort to summoning and/or Mimic Tear because I wanted to annihilate Messmer on my own, without any help as he was the boss I was most looking forward to facing since the first trailer for Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree; moreover, as was the case with the Divine Beast Dancing Lion (here the Guide to defeat the Dancing Lion), by having the Impaler focus only on my virtual alter ego, I found it rather easy to memorize his offensive patterns.

Messmer the Impaler: phase one

The first phase of Messmer the Impaler is not overly complex once you learn his moveset and the timing of his attacks, which have a slight delay in execution (otherwise they would be too easy to read): for example, either when the boss attempts a grab – if he grabs you the chances of Game Over will be very high -, or when he swipes his spear at the ground and then fires the blow from the bottom up, you have to wait until the very last before dodging.

For the rest, the only rule you must follow to the letter, which also applies to phase two, is to always, always, always roll over to the demigod until he has completed his combos and, once the rage is over, you will have enough time to offend. Learn the timing in making the roll and do not be afraid of his weapon and the tongues of fire it generates.

Messmer Shadow of the Erdtree

Last thing: When his spear grows in volume, increases in thickness, and flares up to attempt three consecutive lunges, Messmer then concludes the combo with an area attack that causes additional spears to pop out of the ground. In this case, if you don’t feel up to dodging toward him, double roll outward to avoid getting hit and use the precious seconds to recharge or to run toward Marika’s son and deal him a jumping attack.

Messmer the Impaler: phase two

Phase two of the Messmer the Impaler boss fight is more difficult than the first, but even here, once you memorize the attacks he unleashes in his serpentine form, you will be able to get away without too much difficulty. When the snake rises into the air and then crashes to the ground detonating the energy ball in its mouth, roll when it first tries to hit you and then in the instant before the explosion (do not roll toward the beast’s mouth but in the opposite direction).

In general, snake attacks are very fast, so you will have to be good at reading the enemy’s intentions in advance and dodge just before the beast’s head impacts your body. Otherwise, I’ll leave you with the video I recorded and uploaded on Youtube of how I made it through phase two of Messmer the Impaler (with Chop Suey! by System of a Down in the background making it even more epic): it certainly wasn’t my best performance but in the end, I brought home the win.

Hang in there – the biggest stumbling block is guessing the timing of the moveset and rolling at the right time -, don’t be in a hurry to win, and at the end, you can congratulate yourself: you will have defeated a great boss in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree and obtained in return the Remembrance of the Impaler and the Messmer’s Kindling, which is essential to proceed in the game.

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