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Divine Beast Dancing Lion Shadow of the Erdtree

Shadow of the Erdtree Guide: how to defeat the Divine Beast Dancing Lion

The guide with tricks and tips for defeating the first big boss in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree, the Divine Beast Dancing Lion

For Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree, I have decided to take a totally different approach than the one used for the Guide to the Hardest Bosses in Lies of P or Armored Core 6: this time, instead of doing a mega article with the tricks and tips for defeating each main enemy, I will go hand in hand with my adventure, starting with the Divine Beast Dancing Lion that I beat just yesterday.

The Divine Beast Dancing Lion is a marvelous boss to behold, particularly mangy, especially in the second stage – it’s strong, there’s little you can do about it – not least because the camera occasionally does not help the player to intuit the ravenous creature’s attacks (what a novelty huh, From Software?). However, after several attempts, you will succeed in getting the better of it.

If you don’t want to read, there is always the video to defeat the Dancing Lion

Before we get into the meat of the article, a few tips that I found useful during combat: level 154; I used the build Intelligence – Dexterity, then Meteorite Staff and Moonveil Katana – equipped two-handed – and I decided not to use summons since, in doing so, I found it rather easy to memorize the offensive patterns of the Divine Beast Dancing Lion.

If you really want to resort to the Mimic Tear (or whomever), I would say to do that in an advanced stage of the Boss Fight, when you will be able to read the behemoth’s rich moveset in advance because, if you start the challenge right away with an ally, you may have a hard time guessing its attacks.

Dancing Lion: phase one

In the first stage of the fight against the Divine Beast Dancing Lion, try to stay under it as much as possible and hit it with the two-handed wielded weapon. At first I defended myself with the shield but found it ineffective compared to dodges. Roll a lot, often toward him, especially when it gets on two paws to execute the grab – to recognize it, watch when it bangs his teeth – or to give you a headbutt.

Whenever you have a useful window, most of the time right after the offensive sequences just mentioned, jump attack to break its balance: you will stun the Dancing Lion quite easily (I’d say with five or six well-aimed blows) so as to inflict considerable damage on it. In addition, it is weak to bleeding. Therefore, with the Katana Rivers of Blood or Moonveil and coupling these two strategies, you should be able to halve its health bar before it enters phase two.

Shadow of the Erdtree Guide

Finally, when it rises into the air to charge you twice, always roll toward the enemy: between the first and second charge, you will have time to use the Moonveil weapon art once. Done? Well, then move away from the Lion and let it shoot from his mouth whatever it is and, if possible, hit it from distance with magic.

Dancing Lion: phase two

Well, you have almost succeeded in defeating the Divine Beast Dancing Lion: now, its vitality is halfway up and you have also memorized its patterns. Now all that is missing is phase two in which the boss becomes stronger by being able to call on the powers of electricity, wind and ice. Do not panic, however: the advice remains the same.

As soon as it rises into the sky to transform snap away from the Divine Beast and use the precious time to recharge your health or mana, or to throw some spells at it: if you can avail yourself of the Comet Azur, as it were, the time is precise to shoot it a good energy wave.

Divine Beast Dancing Lion Guide

Otherwise, devote more time to dodging his pesky area attacks and thus favor a defensive approach over an aggressive one: patience is needed in phase two. A good window to strike the Dancing Lion is when it is approaching toward you: in this regard, the weapon art of the Moonveil has proven perfect for wounding it while maintaining a safe distance.

Eventually, following this strategy will assure you that it will fall and you can congratulate yourself: you have just defeated the first major boss of Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree and obtained the Dancing Lion Remembrance and the Divine Beast’s Head in return.

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