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Unicorn Overlord Platinum Guide

Unicorn Overlord – Platinum Guide and Tips for Getting Started

Our guide with the list of all trophies to get Unicorn Overlord Platinum and some tricks and tips to start the game

For the past few days, Unicorn Overlord, the new strategy video game developed by Vanillaware, which is having great success with critics and audiences (not surprisingly, we included it in our list of Best Games Coming Out in March 2024), is available for purchase: in anticipation of the review coming in the next few days, I thought to write this detailed guide in which you will find both the list with all 51 game trophies if you are interested in unlocking the Platinum, and some tricks and tips to get you off to the best start.

Unicorn Overlord: the list with trophies for Platinum

Below is the list containing all 51 Unicorn Overlord trophies divided by Bronze (38), Silver (10) and Gold (2) needed to achieve Platinum or the 1,000G if you are on Xbox. Before proceeding, remember that if you are curious to find out more about the title, a demo is available on all stores for download.

Bronze Trophies

  • Ring of the Unicorn: complete The Ring of the Unicorn
  • The priestess abducted: complete The abducted priestess
  • A Second Prince: complete A Second Prince
  • Heir of the Dragon Lands: complete Heir of the Dragon Lands.
  • In the midst of forest and water: complete In the midst of forest and water
  • The witch’s wish: complete The witch’s wish.
  • Legacy of the Lion King: complete The Legacy of the Lion King
  • A Fleeting Dream: complete A Fleeting Dream.
  • A Knight of the Drape: complete A Knight of the Drape.
  • Cathedral Road: complete Cathedral Road
  • Wisdom of the Six: Visit all six shrines and receive power from the Six Sages
  • Good deeds: you have completed 30 missions
  • Example to follow: you have completed 60 missions
  • The benevolent prince: you have completed 120 missions
  • Scourge of the triads: defeat a three-member unit in a single battle
  • Quartet ruin: defeat a four-member unit in a single battle
  • Plague of quintets: defeat a five-member unit in a single battle
  • The blow of legend: inflict damage equal to 100 or more with one attack
  • Toward greatness: promote any character.
  • Champion: reach level 50 with any character
  • Eternal bonds: reach the highest affinity with any character
  • Five-star general: unlock units with five members
  • Cornia’s power: unlock all unit slots
  • Gourmand foodie: you have eaten 10 meals in the restaurants of the small towns
  • Whispers of freedom: get fame level D
  • Voices of rebellion: get fame level C
  • Tales of triumphs: get fame level B
  • Salvation stories: get fame level A
  • A dusty library: you got 100 entries from the archive
  • An expanding library: you have obtained 250 items from the archive
  • Class master: you have completed Classipedia
  • Explorer: traverses more than 30 percent of the world map
  • Cartographer: traverses more than 60% of the world map
  • Fortune seeker: uses maps to find five hidden treasures
  • Treasure hunter: use maps to find ten hidden treasures
  • Birds on the wire: catch all the escaped hens
  • How to steal cookies from a child: steal a goat cookie

Silver Trophies

  • Liberator of the unicorn: complete Liberator of the unicorn
  • The calamitous capital: complete The Calamitous Capital.
  • Legends of Liberation: get the level of Fame S
  • Covenant ritual: perform the covenant ritual in Palevia
  • Overthrown Lord: defeat Galerius, the Overlord
  • Noblesse oblige: you have completed 150 missions
  • A vast athenaeum: you got 400 archive entries.
  • Globetrotter: traverses the entire world map.
  • General of contracts: helps in the reconstruction of townships
  • On the X is treasure: use maps to find 20 hidden treasures

Gold Trophies

  • The Light of Fevrith: put an end to Baltro’s evil ambitions and free the Land of Fevrith
  • Arena champion: Defeat Amalia of the arena in an offline battle

Once you have completed all of the Unicorn Overlord objectives (bear with me and you will see that you will succeed), you will also have finally unlocked the Platinum Trophy named Unicorn Almighty : “you have achieved all the Trophies. ” Congratulations!

Unicorn Overlord: tricks and tips

If the trophies are not enough, then here are some basic tricks and tips for getting started with Unicorn Overlord, a strategy RPG that will require at least fifty hours of gameplay to complete (according to HowLongToBeat).In short, you should be prepared in the best way possible to tackle the fabulous Land of Fevrith.

Start with Story Mode

Unicorn Overlord is not an easy game to approach given the large amount of mechanics available to the player: if you are a novice, the advice is to start perhaps with the Story Mode and, once you master the many nuances of the work’s gameplay, Move to a more complex level of difficulty (you can do this at any time).

Unicorn Overlord Tips

Alain must be your leader

Alain, in addition to being the protagonist of Unicorn Overlord, also possesses a very important ability, “Morale Boost,” which is activated the moment you decide to select him as a leader. By doing so, you will increase the amount of Valor gained through battle actions, which is critical for deploying units and activating additional Valor Skills.

Saved during battles

A very important trick to exploit at every useful opportunity (which by the way, I also used in Baldur’s Gate 3) is to save often during battles against Unicorn Overlord’s strongest enemies to try as many in-game strategies as possible. In this way, you will also identify the best units to deploy, those best suited to the specific game situation.

Unicorn Overlord Cheats

Always explore the Overworld

Last tip of this mini Guide and then I’ll let you off the hook: every Unicorn Overlord battle requires careful and meticulous preparation before it is tackled. For this very reason, always try to complete as many assignments as possible available in the overworld before jumping into the fray.

Unicorn Overlord Tips 1

Recruiting, for example, new characters or buying the right equipment must become a habit before every confrontation. Victory, in fact, can come through even small actions, such as gleaning those extra resources that can make the difference between victory and defeat.

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