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Video games in three lines: the best and worst of February

From Inkulinati to Deliver Us Mars: three-line reviews of some video games released in February.

From Inkulinati to Deliver Us Mars: three-line reviews of some video games released in February.

Hot on the heels of the highly appreciated (?)“New Movies in Three Lines” column whose last episode I refer you to, here are the main video games I tried in this month of February reviewed in three lines (more or less). A useful and practical binder complete with quotes that will stick in Google’s memory.


Unexpected, totally off-the-wall, and drawn to perfection. I never thought I would get so locked into a strategy video game: a deep, multifaceted chess game in which every move can either be the winning one or be the one that spells checkmate for the AI. The only thing I don’t understand is why, having used up the three available lives (you can also buy more lives however the question remains), you have to start over from the beginning. It will be the fashion of sti RogueLike, RogueLite, in short whatever.

Deliver Us Mars

Beautiful, moving adventure and it scales as well as Death Stranding: Interstellar type directed by Master Kojjjima in a sci-fi and tachycardic story driven work. If I had shot a few guns, it would have been the perfect game or more simply a dramatic Dead Space. If you would like to learn more, here is a review of Deliver Us Mars.

Spongebob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake

The platformer of yesteryear, perhaps all too easy, lighthearted and above all colorful.“Along with Spongebob some friends” semicit.

Hi-Fi Rush

Top 10 2023 hands down. At first I sucked, and then I went up a notch. Rhythm Game, action game, Devil May Cry meets Guitar Hero or Mark Tremonti meets Uma Thurman in Kill Bill. Hi-Fi Rush(our review is a click away) is sex, drugs, Rock ‘n Roll and video games.

Wild Hearts

Crazy cool, I gave a lot of beats and even took more beats while hunting Giant Animals. It’s not Monster Hunter but they say it’s a lot like it (I’ve never played it so I wouldn’t be able to tell you though, if we avoided making comparisons all the time, we would experience the video game better). The camera dances too much, and yet it’s a great lock I’m Wild Hearts. And then there are katanas!

Blood Bowl 3 or III

See Inkulinati above, only I understood much less about it. I did the tutorial ten times, lost eleven matches in a row but finally managed to win one match. American football as you’ve never seen it in its third chapter.

Journey to the Savage Planet: Employee of the Month Edition.

The return on ARY-26 of Kindred Aerospace, the “fourth best interstellar exploration company”(and there are probably only four). The same off-the-wall, lighthearted 2020 title but optimized for Xbox Series X|S and Playstation 5. The graphics looked good three years ago, but it shoots much better because of the GRANTIC 60fps. Play it in co-op.

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