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Warner Bros Bluray: from Rocky to Magic Mike, April 2023 releases.

Here are the new April bluray releases from Warner Bros: the complete Rocky saga in 4K, Me vs. You and Magic Mike: The Last Dance

If basketball is not your thing and our advice on the the best movies and tv shows about basketball you used them to wrap the fish, then maybe Warner Bros. new home-video bluray releases for April 2023 might be right for you, especially if your favorite sports are boxing and dancing–preferably without any clothes on.

In fact, Warner Bros. has honored us with the new 4K edition of the Rocky Balboa saga, the legendary boxer created, written, starring and directed (as of Chapter 2) by Sylvester Stallone, which for the first time comes to the home-video market in a series of prestigious steelbooks with new graphics and lots of previously unreleased extras, and the first edition of the previously unreleased Magic Mike: The Last Dancea new direction by the acclaimed director Steven Soderbergh who, along with his partner Channing Tatum, signs the best chapter in the saga.

Also, for those who will make it to the end of the article, an additional surprise: let’s call it post-credit branding.

Rocky’s Saga in 4K (there is also the new Rocky IV!)

If you have read our Creed III review, you already know how much of a fan of the saga created by Stallone is in these parts, and so there is no point in denying that the highlight of the Warner Bros. offering for this month is certainly the 4K Steelbook re-release of Rocky, Rocky II, Rocky III and Rocky IV.

The chef’s kiss, however – as if that were not enough in itself. the beauty of the four covers, all completely in a black and white that makes the red of the gloves and the red and blue of the iconic star-spangled banner of the fourth episode stand out even more: no, seriously, look at the photo below – Is the ‘hidden’ double feature in Rocky IV. Well, yes, because with this 4K edition of the 1986 film, it also makes its absolute debut. the director’s cut version Rock IV: Rocky vs. Dragon, a new montage with never-before-seen scenes and several edits that Stallone personally made during the pandemic (and which was also shown in theaters in the U.S.).

Kind of like what Coppola did with Il Godfather: The death of Michael Corleone, the new edition of the eternally underrated masterpiece The Godfather: Part Three, Rocky vs. Dragon changes (almost) completely the coordinates of the original work (famous for its avant-garde video clip editing at the height of the MTV era boom), which now shifts to a more melancholic, romantic and sentimental aura, always barnstorming and electrifying (for goodness sake) but in its own way now also reflective.

All of Stallone’s love for perhaps the most famous film in the saga comes through, now more than a metaphor about wars or revenge also a study of the men who fight and seek them. And the multiple orgasms in the training and fight scenes are all still there, perhaps even more intense, if possible.

Bluray 4K Rocky Balboa

Magic Mike: The Last Dance Bluray

The creative team from the original film, released in 2012, consisting of Channing Tatum as Mike Lane and the great Steven Soderbergh as the director, returns to sign the third and final chapter in the saga of the stripper with the most sculpted pecs in movie history, this time alongside the legendary and sensual Salma Hayek.

The story is set several years after the last episode, Magic Mike XXL, dated 2015, and finds the protagonist again after a long hiatus from the stripper world and especially following a failed business deal that left him broke forcing him to work as a bar tender in Florida clubs: For “Magic” Mike Lane, however, the time has come to return to the stage., and with hopes of attending what he considers to be the last show of his career, he heads to London with a wealthy, high-ranking woman (Salma Hayek Pinault) who lures him with an offer he cannot refuse… and a show to build, along with a new group of dancers to get back on track.

Te mueves como el agua’ compliment she pays him at the end of one of the most beautiful opening scenes ever (and which parallels the final, not coincidentally soggy one) and which applies not only to the protagonist but also to for the cinema of this genius, which glides as fluidly as bodies, in motion, as sex lies and videos, tapes and beyond. A film that makes you question your sexual tastes, whatever they may be, and which, at least for now, we have every intention of mentioning in our year-end top20.

Bluray Magic Mike The Last Dance

Post-credit scene: Me vs. You: Mission Jungle

In the Warner Bros package for April 2023 that was delivered to us these days we also found there, totally surprisingly, the dvd of Me vs. You: Mission Jungle, the fourth episode of the blockbuster movie saga in Italy created and starring the famous YouTubers Lui and Sofi.

In the new installment of the franchise, which we will reserve the right to see only if and when we have children or grandchildren, a magical spring is discovered hidden among the jungle that holds The key to undoing all the world’s spells but on the contrary, if contaminated, can turn the Earth into a barren, lifeless desert. He and Sofi thus begin a fight against time with the fearsome Viperiana and her faithful servant Serpe: to save the world, ours will have to decipher the map that will lead them to the magical spring.

For the little fans of He and Sofi who should be listening, we also point out that the film is also available in a special DVD edition with keychain gadgets and in the new Me vs. You Collection box set, which encompasses all four of the film adventures of He and Sofi.

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